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AWIT AWARDS 2020: Who will be OPM’s Next Big Thing?


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If there’s one thing we’ve learned to expect out of every Awit Awards night year after year, it’s the excitement coming from the knowledge that the winners, or finalists, will be OPM’s next superstars.

Since Awit’s finalists, and eventually, winners, are judged based on excellence by “a jury of peers” or by their fellow professional musicians and music industry practitioners, one can be assured that the finalists and winners are the “crème de la crème” – the best of the best of currently active OPM artists.

In the past years, we’ve witnessed the best artists, together in one venue, vying for the coveted awards, both major and minor, with no clue as to who will be declared the winner. We seen new artists win over established ones. We see older artists reinvent their careers with a new hit song.

Indeed, the Awit Awards has been somewhat of a barometer for predicting the “Next Big Thing” in the OPM scene – i.e., new artists who performed or won during the Awards Night turn out to be the big acts of the following year – examples are Ben & Ben, Inigo Pascual, juan karlos, and IV of Spades, to name a few.
Whether one calls it sixth sense, or just a lucky guess, the Awit Awards is undeniably the music industry’s longest-running talent show, which has recognized the accomplishments of the music industry, not just by artists, but also by people behind the scenes, such as record engineers, producers, composers, arrangers, music video directors and graphic designers.

This year is even more special. Not only is it in the middle of a pandemic, but with a record 650 nominations, and only 32 categories, the winners of the Awards this year are decidedly the best of their breed.

This year, top bands such as Silent Sanctuary, Ben&Ben, December Avenue, IV of Spades, and St. Wolf vie for Best Performance by a Group Recording Artist. Moira dela Torre is nominated for Best Collaboration three times — one with Daniel Padilla, another with Ben&Ben, and still another with December Avenue. Sassa, Syd Hartha, Jaya, KZ Tandingan, and Kiana Valenciano are nominated for Best Performance by a Female Recording Artist, while Darren Espanto, TJ Monterde, Elmo Magalona, Shanti Dope and EJ de Perio are nominated for Best Performance by a Male Recording Artist. New artists nominated are August Wahh, Kyrill, Selena and Chin Detera for Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist, and Garrett Bolden, Jong Madaliday, Vanjoss Bayaban, Vanz Bonaobra and Kyle Raphael for Best Performance by a New Male Recording Artist. On the other hand, new groups Deuces, The Vowels They Orbit, Chiquerella, Gibbs, and Hulo, have been nominated for Best New Group.

Who will win Best Rock/Alternative Recording among Hulyo, Agsunta, Wilabaliw, St. Wolf, and IV or Spades? Who will win Record of the Year among juan karlos, Moira dela Torre, Daniel Padilla, Ben&Ben, KZ Tandingan, Shanti Dope, Leanne & Naara and IV of Spades?

These are exciting times indeed.

Find out who will be the big winners at the 33rd Awit Awards, to be held via livestream on Saturday, August 29, 2020, at Awit Awards’ Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AwitAwards).
Donate to the AWIT FUND to help music frontliners affected by Covid-19. Log on to https://donation.ph/awit-fund for details.



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