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DOST-SEI scholars in Region 10 join the fight against COVID-19


“DOST-SEI Scholars are the Patriot Scholars for the Nation!”

A total of thirty-six (36) ongoing and graduate scholars of the Department of Science and Technology in Region 10 exemplified the above tagline; serving as community volunteers in a vigorous effort to help the country to “Heal as One.”

Majority of these scholars from BSU, CMU, CU, CPSC, USTP, XU, and MSU-IIT aided their local communities in relief operations, specifically on repacking and distribution of food packs and disinfectants to the local residents. A group of scholars from USTP-CDO, who are stranded in their boarding houses due to the pandemic, involved themselves in the production of alcohols, face masks, and face shields. Others also volunteered as quarantine pass checkers, data validators and encoders for the implementation of the Social Amelioration Program, and as members of the Brgy. Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT).

A number of Electronics Engineering scholars from USTP-CDO also helped in the construction of an Automated Disinfectant Tent, Automated-Contact Free Hand Disinfecting Equipment and Ultra-Violet Germicidal Closet for Northern Mindanao Medical Center and J.R. Borja Hospital in Cagayan de Oro City. Some scholars are involved in fabricating handwashing stations and another scholar is currently developing an Online Monitoring System of COVID-19 cases in Northern Mindanao. There are also scholars who are engaged in fund-raising activities, counseling, and feeding programs to support for those severely affected by the crisis.

In these trying times, small of acts of volunteerism and kindness ripples and creates immense effects.

To quote, Dr. Josette T. Biyo, Director of DOST-SEI, said, “No amount of volunteer work is too small nor big enough. The country needs all the help that we can give. Thank you DOST-SEI Scholars for your bravery, heroism and patriotism in responding to the call of the time through your various ways of volunteerism. We are proud of you.”

Kudos to all scholar-volunteers!

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