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ABS CBN should apply for new franchise – FICTAP



“Securing a new franchise is the only solution,” National Chairperson of Federation of International Cable T.V. and Telecommunications Association of the Philippines (FICTAP) said.


FICTAP is composed of several hundred medium, small and micro cable TV operators scattered throughout the Philippines. They are formed to protect the interests of the cable TV operators and subscribing public and ensure the continued growth of the cable TV industry.


It was in November 25, 2014 when FICTAP wrote Comments on House Bill No. 4997 to House of Representative Committee Chairman on Legislative Franchises Marcelino “Marcy” R. Teodoro and House Bill author Giorgidi B. Aggabao.


In April 30, 2015, FICTAP sent a letter-complaint against the operator of ABS CBN Plus to National Telecommunication Deputy Commissioner Delilah F. Deles praying for the issuance of a Cease and Desist Order, permanent ban on the service and imposing appropriate fines and penalties for operating without first securing the legal permit or authorities.


From this letter FICTAP Chair Estrella Juliano-Tamano being the part owner and operator of East Manila Cable Network Inc which operate and maintain Cable TV Systems serving the viewing public in Cainta, Rizal cited the Pacquiao-Mayweather Battle for Greatness Pay-Per-View for 2,500.00 using the DTTV Black Box known as ABS CBN TV Plus. NTC issued a Cease and Desist Order to ABS CBN but said network failed to abide.


Their opposition to the renewal of giant network is because of additional phrase that alarmed them if Congress issued franchise. 


A perusal of the relevant provision of Section 1 Nature and Scope of Franchise of Republic Act 7966 and House Bill No. 4997 of 2014 would show that they do have similar wordings except that Section 1 of HB No. 4997 add the following phrase:


    “where frequencies and/or channels are still available for radio and/or television broadcasting, including digital television system” 

The legislative franchise in question should confer only the privilege of maintaining a single channel. That is, One Franchise, One Channel.


“If only they retain what was approved from their old franchise, we will not oppose. Now that their renewal of franchise is no longer approved and cancelled by NTC because of expired privilege to operate, the only solution is to apply for a new franchise,” Tamano said. 


Today, the franchise of ABS CBN was already cancelled because it expired last May 4, 2020.#


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