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Visiting Forces Agreement Termination is Pro-Filipino, Experts Said


VFA TERMINATION is a PRO-FILIPINO Policy, an aspect of an INDEPENDENT FOREIGN Policy that will allow more flexible readjustments and calibrations according to the world situation.  It is not anti-US or pro China, but pro-Filipino. Why is it pro-Filipino?

VFA INCREASES RISK, DANGEROUS FOR THE PHILIPPINES. US military presence makes the PH a magnet, a target for enemies of the US

REASON:  Philippines becomes in the line of fire of disputes, frontline battle for the USA.  Since US military bases and missiles will be launched from Philippine bases and waters, necessarily a rival or enemy will have to position to knock these out. // Iran General Soleimani was assassinated by US in Iraq, using a drone that flew out of Qatar, all independent sovereign nations dragged into volatile situation by US military adventurisms…

HISTORY  Philippines became biggest casualty in Southeast Asia with more than 1mm dead defending USA from Japan (where no one suffered more than 100thousand). // USA abandoned Philippines early, total war casualties about 500thousand only for entire WW2 // Battlefront countries like Vietnam and Korea have millions who died, vs countries that managed neutrality have been much more able to escape damage… eg Thailand is friend to everyone, NO VFA, and is a major market and investment destination for all countries.

Therefore, Duterte decision to end VFA protects the Filipinos as it helps remove PH as target of US enemies. 

US, VFA, MDT HAS NOT & DOES NOT PROTECT PHILIPPINE SOVEREIGNTY (late nationalist Sen Miriam Santiago had revealed when she grilled the Aquino government for inviting the US back under EDCA, Obama promised Japan that the US will come to the Japan’s rescue in case of conflict in Japan’s disputed areas, but Obama did not give the same commitment when the PH asked the same question.)

REASON: US law and interests above Philippine law and interests.  What did the US do when Malaysia refuses to discuss Sabah with over 400,000 Pinoys, when Vietnam stole Pugad Island from the PH in 1975, or when China started building in SCS during Pres. Aquino’s term?

HISTORY:  1. Pemberton Case and many other rapes, pedophiles, murders, or bombing mastermind whisked away in Davao shows Philippines cannot even have custody of the US soldier, or apply Philippine laws.   2. US pointed guns at Filipinos in Tubbataha to prevent even boarding to inspect.  China allows arrests and executions according to Philippine law.  3. Use of US international bases to attack other countries makes the host allied country a target as well.  4. The US is the main opponent of the sanctity and sovereignty over Philippine internal waters, and is the most frequent violator https://www.manilatimes.net/2019/08/22/opinion/columnists/the-biggest-intruder-in-our-waters-is-not-china/604054/, making the Philippines a target as well in cases of conflict since it makes the Philippines an battle-attack-carrier for the US.  Those suggesting China wishes to invade the Philippines should note centuries of relations, PH~CH only trade and friendship, even when China had largest navy in history. We all know what the US did to Pinoys in less than few years, a history of aggression.

The West Phil Sea claim is an ongoing challenge in relations but are now discussed in highest bilateral channels.  Confidence-building measures across different stakeholders have been established, while managing occasional issues.  Though we are not saying valid, geopolitics help explains China’s moves as a response to US surrounding the areas and publicly announcing US objective to contain China i.e. military exercises, FONOP of warships (vs commercial ships), EDCA made PH a US warship… (compare: China has settled the majority 17 out of 23 of its territorial disputes but took decades to resolve… No reasonable nation will risk her global standing and invade the PH when entire PH economy is only half a year’s growth of China… they have been pursuing trade and friendship successfully for centuries.)

HISTORY: For centuries, the seas united the Asians, until the Western colonialists came and created borders.


REASON:  US is the hegemony that will position military personnel and weapons of mass destruction, nuclear and chemical weapons at will in the Philippines (as US was already caught doing so illegally in the PH, and elsewhere in world https://www.scmp.com/news/world/united-states-canada/article/3018914/nato-silent-six-secret-locations-us-nuclear-weapons)

US tendency is to dictate to allies, meanwhile courting those that have independent policies, sanctions those against some key allies. They tell allies where they are “allowed” to source or trade or produce anything (PH remain one of the lowest recipient of foreign investments vis-a-vis ASEAN neighbors, that were poorer than PH decades ago.  PH per capita one of the slowest growth in decades, even under US military and economic umbrella).  Many of these accusations on China as based on “allegations” or “future threat”, but haven’t shown actual clear case or  evidence of this to any country outside of itself.

HISTORY:  US does not allow Filipinos to examine their base and equipment contents, personnel, protocols… This makes it impossible for any other nation to trust a Filipino agreement.  US tried to tell and to stop Philippines and other allies not to use other countries’ more open funding, superior value weapons and technology, joint research, investments.  The US bases and operation in other countries are used independently of the laws in the country as shown in Turkey, Qatar, Cuba, even the Philippines.

VFA TERMINATION WILL NOT REDUCE BUSINESS with the Philippines,  it WILL INCREASE BUSINESS, if we look beyond the short term.

REASON: Business interests in a globalized world are based on business, esp if you have substantial business, which overcomes politics. WHAT MATTERS IS IF WE ARE WEAK ECONOMICALLY AND POLITICALLY.  An INDEPENDENT FOREIGN POLICY will allow us to select and readjust as situations change, it is a PRO PHILIPPINE POLICY.

HISTORY.  Vietnam was a US enemy, converted to major US business destination within a few years.  Saudi Arabia and Israel human rights records don’t matter to the USA, which protects them. Thailand and other countries have excellent relations with and major investment destinations of both China and US without pandering to either.  Pakistan and Singapore gets a lot of benefits from constantly rebalancing both US and China trying to court it.


REASON: US breaks agreements, including with the Philippines, even against all evidences and promises. “America first” does not require honor-code, just US interest.

HISTORY: US was supposed to help the Philippines in 1898  War was supposed to be helped by US to attain independence and instead took over, with over 1 mm Filipinos killed in the war.  US broke Iran deal even after the EU allies UK Germany France Canada certified acceptable compliance.  US promised Russia no extension of NATO , but has actually recruited states all the way to the Russian border.  US trade agreements with WTO, Europe, Canada, Mexico, etc… all unilaterally broken. US preaches and ignores at will the UN, ICC, KYOTO protocol, UNCLOS, …ALL INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS.  Even 5 European countries and US Sec of State Tillerson testified that Iran had fulfilled its obligations under Iran Nuclear, but US unilaterally withdrew and assassinated Iran’s top general, who is also credited for helping stop ISIS.


REASON:  The presence of the US is important to both US and China and other powers.  To give in to one instead of constant rebalancing will become dominated by one to the exclusion of changes of circumstances favorable to the Filipino. The world is being redefined past, and in fact most of the world is increasing relations with China and shaking off the US propensity to dictate, while remaining friends and working with it.

HISTORY;  Vietnam, Japan, Germany are all examples of how enemies become friends and friends become enemies.

TODAY THE MAIN COMPETITION is in ECONOMY AND HUMAN RESOURCES, NOT MILITARY.  The main proponent of the continued brandishing of military as the main weapon of policy is the US, who spends 55 percent of all its budget on military, spends more than $700 billion in military, bigger than the next 8 countries combined.




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