“If today is our election day, Manila Mayor Francisco Moreno Domagoso might be our next President”, Tangere Martin Penaflor said in an exclusive interview with Tuklasin Natin.



Our survey

In a non-commission survey by Tangere covering July 22-27, 2019. Isko Moreno garnered an approval rating of 67.21%, 56.31% Grace Poe, 54.02% Sara Duterte, 46.48% Cynthia Villar, 45.98% Bongbong Marcos, 44.10% Manny Pacquiao at 19.92% Leni Robredo.

Martin Penaflor, Chief Architect/CEO of Tangere App said that the approval rating favors Isko Moreno because of his accomplishments from day 1 of his term as Mayor of Manila. All over the Philippine media- print, television, radio, online and even social media Isko hits the attention of everyone… a total change in the eyes of Filipino people among other local government chiefs.

“What caught my attention in this survey is the approval rating of Mayor Sara Duterte of Davao and Senator Manny Pacquiao because this two personalities are known and resonates in their own fields. Like Senator Manny Pacquiao when we did this survey, he is also talk of the town after he won the fight over Keith Thurman…despite of that Mayor Isko leads the approval rating.”

Tangere will continue the survey of Presidential candidates from time to time until election day. Out of that survey, we will determine if Mayor Isko remains to be leading in approval rating for President up to election day. Sustainability is the challenge for Manila Mayor. Sustainability in doing good and right for Manila constituents which will lead him to sit in Malacañang after the Presidential election, Martin Penaflor said.

The Tangere Community is a Filipino Community

1st #Tangere Eyeball event done! Maraming maraming salamat po sa lahat ng mga dumating! This is just one of the many eyeball events that we will do nationwide! Yes, nationwide!

Tangere Survey Result is True because they are real people.

In fact, Tangere CEO able to meet the Top Respondents of Tangere Community for the first time! Dubbed as Tangere Eyeball Tangere Management Team meets Tangere Community last Saturday, July 27 at Gerry’s Grill Market Market, Taguig.

“It was first time I met all these people whom used the Tangere App and made the survey which we used to help Micro to Small Enterprise. They are real people, different ages- from millennial to senior citizen who knows how to use their smartphones, from different archipelago of our country. I am sure that Tangere Survey Result is really the Voice of the Filipino people.” Martin Penaflor said with a smile and pride.

Our Company

Tangere is young compared to other survey company but just like the story of “Noli Me Tangere” (Touch Me Not). Its a revolution of technology and people volt-in to one community to hear the voice of the Filipinos. No influence, no boundaries but it is all recognizing respect and power of people uniting for the common good.

Tangere Team is composed of IT professionals, Computer Engineers, Programmers, Marketing experts, Accountants and Statisticians.

Tangere survey results are based on the sentiments of 60,000 Tangere community from all social classes, they are representative of Filipino community. No influence of foreign ideas or ideology, no political motivation, its pure decision of the respondents who answered our survey online.

Its an anytime and anywhere people can do the survey as long as you have the smartphone and downloaded the Tangere App. Questions are based on Current Events, Entertainment and Coffee.

Tangere aims to give Micro, Small and Mediun Enterprise an affordable survey, an alternative. Help them know their market better using their app, CEO Penaflor ended.



The Tangere App is now in Google Play

Tangere App is a survey platform open for all Filipinos using their smartphones. It is downloadable in Google Play.



Tangere Promo Winners

Why people like Tangere App? It is not just about the survey but simply because of the promos they gave for the Respondents of the Survey.

Tangere Promos are DTI Registered Promos

Tangere Helps!

Before building the Tangere Company, CEO / Chief Architect Martin Penaflor was already active in humanitarian missions like donating with World Vision.

How Tangere Helps? For those who did not know Tangere App, its time for you to take a look and enjoy their promos!

We did not realize how an App with freebies, points, gifts or whatever they name it… because it helps our fellow Filipinos earn from it which can be converted to cash or kind. This happens to Edmark Perez Isla, a 23-year old IT graduate and Tangere App user from San Jacinto, Pangasinan.

In a phone interview with Edmark, he said unemployed and looked for Apps that can generate income. He tried Tangere, answered the survey, got points and from then on actively participating Tangere surveys and Tangere FB Page.



  1. For me, he’s one of the politicians to watch out for. Maraming nangyaring improvements sa nasasakupan niya. Kung kaya niyang gawin sa Manila, kaya niya rin gawin sa pilipinas.


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