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Butch Valdes Addresses China-Philippine Education Forum



Sept 9 (EIRNS)–Philippine Larouche Society founder Antonio
“Butch” Valdes was invited as a keynote speaker in an event in
Beijing on September 8 entitled: “China-Philippines Education

Forum Under the Belt and Road Initiative”. The event was attended by education ministers, students, and businessmen.
Although the event was geared primarily towards language
learning and education, Valdes’ keynote focused on the One Belt,
One Road policy potential for mankind. Citing speeches of Lyndon
and Helga Larouche’s decades long involvement in China under the
Silk Road concept, and guided by the research work of Mike
Billington, Valdes spoke about the shared philosophical
principles of the European and Chinese historical thinkers,
particularly Schiller and Confucius.
The keynote address was well-received by the audience, and
provided the necessary philosophical context in which to pursue
cooperation and dialogue between the two cultures.
The meetings that followed discussed the historical
cooperation between the Philippines and China, and how this was
rebuilt as soon as current President Rodrigo Duterte took office.
It is well-known that former President Benigno Aquino was a
willing pawn used by the US State department under Obama to
foment confrontation against China.
A private dinner with the Philippine ambassador to China,
Amb. Chito Santa Romana, followed the next night. Valdes
emphasized the need for increased dialogue regarding the Belt and
Road Initiative, of which Amb. Santa Romana agreed, saying the
relationship of China and the Philippines was very good today,
and that China has pledged continued support to the Philippine
government in its infrastructure goals.
The event came on the heels of the historic and very
successful China-Africa Cooperation Conference. (Mike Billington, Asia Desk, Executive Intelligence Review)


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