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Reconstitution of task force to facilitate appointment of DAR employees


QUEZON CITY – Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Secretary John R. Castriciones announced on Friday the reconstitution of the Task Force on Selection and Promotion (TFSP) to facilitate the signing and issuance of appointment papers to deserving employees of the department.
Castriciones made the announcement in a dialogue he called with the Co-Terminus with the Incumbent (CTI) employees amidst the growing uncertainties expressed by said personnel on the status of their employment.
The secretary also assured the 102 CTI employees of spots in the second phase of placement that is being implemented by the agency.
“Stop being historical and hysterical,” the secretary told the staffs, as he made certain that a mechanism is already in place to process the status of their employment.
The reconstitution TFSP was materialized through the issuance of Special Oder No. 159, series of 2018 dated May 15, 2018, that appointed Undersecretary David D. Erro of the Policy, Planning and Research Office (PPRO) as chairperson.
“You will have a place in the second phase of placement here at DAR,” he emphasized.
CTI employees were those affected by the implementation of Executive Order No. 366 or the government’s rationalization scheme that was implemented at the DAR in 2013.
EO 366 phased out or abolished functions and scaled down programs and projects of government agencies as part of cost-cutting measures.
It also mandated government agencies, including DAR, to remove employees holding redundant positions.
Affected employees were given the option to either retire or continue to work with the department in a co-terminus status.
Castriciones emphasized that DAR, through the reconstituted TFSP will ensure that all documents submitted to the Office of the Secretary (OSEC) are compliant to the provision of the Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions (ORA OHRA).
He added that TFSP will assist the OSEC on questions of law and CSC regulations relative to the issuance of appointments, recommend the proper course of action on issues or concerns and exercise such other functions as may be directed by the secretary on the appointment process. ###


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