Home Business & Economics All Pyrotechnics or “Pa-Ilaw” allowed, Philippine Fireworks Association Clarifies

All Pyrotechnics or “Pa-Ilaw” allowed, Philippine Fireworks Association Clarifies


President of the Philippine Fireworks Association, Jovenson Ong appeals to the Local Government Units (LGUs) and the media to clear the misinformation regarding the Executive Order 28 signed by president Rodrigo Duterte that aims to limit the use of firecrackers or “paputok” but clarifies that the safer pyrotechnics or “pa-ilaw” is totally allowed.
To prevent firecracker-related injuries, EO 28 has been signed by Duterte to limit the use of firecrackers in designated areas under the supervision of the Philippine National Police (PNP). While pyrotechnics can be used everywhere.
The association wishes to clarify to the public that pyrotechnics are not prohibited, restricted or limited.
Though firecrackers and pyrotechnics are both categorized as fireworks, Ong clarifies that firecrackers which main effect is sound, is limited to use in designated areas as stated in EO 28, while pyrotechnics which main effects are lights can be used anytime everywhere.
The association appeals to the LGUs and the media to help clarify this misinformation as it already affects the pyrotechnic industry which supports an estimated of 150,000 people connected to local manufacturing and selling of fireworks nationwide.
They also appeal for support for this local industry as it provides many livelihoods, generates taxes, supports the Philippine economy and has huge export potentials. (Ehlorra Mangahas)


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