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Monsanto PHinspires kids to appreciate ag-biotech, conducts story-telling session in Cagayan Valley


Monsanto Philippines recently conducted another story-telling session of Lina’s Town Rises Again, the first Filipino children’s book on biotech corn, to more than 250 pupils ofTuguegarao West Central School in Cagayan.
Lina’s Town Rises Again is authored by Charina Garrido-Ocampo, Corporate Engagement Lead of Monsanto Philippines. In her opening remarks, Ocampo imparted the importance of agricultural biotechnology as a solution to feed a growing nation. “We, at Monsanto wanted to inspire young minds to engage in agriculture because we are an agricultural country and 32% of our population are into agriculture,” she pointed out.
Through the animation viewing of the story which emphasizes on the positive impact of biotech corn (Dekalb®) in the lives of Filipino farmers, Monsanto Philippines wanted to encourage children to embrace farming and the products of agricultural biotechnology as a means of transforming farmers’ lives and farming communities.
The fully-illustrated book was written for elementary students, inspired from the success-story of farmerConsolacion Reyes fromLambayog, Sultan Kudarat. The story revolves on how her family and the whole farming community were able to recover from economic loss brought about by the devastations of typhoon Pablo.Not only does the book inform children on the benefits of agricultural biotechnology, but it also conveys a message of hope, strength, and courage in the face of adversity.
The story is also one that students in Tuguegarao can relate to as Tuguegarao City experienced devastations from two successive typhoons which massively struck the region this year. Cagayan Valley is endowed with rich fertile soil and favorable condition suitable for high-valued crops like corn. Moreover, Tuguegarao City is one of the top corn-growing cities in the country.
Meanwhile, the school’s OIC, Mrs. Laura Tagunod highly appreciated this initiative as a means of developing children’s appreciation on farming and agriculture. “After this session, I know there will be additional colorful pages added to your own storybook in life, what matters most is the learning gained, therefore keep on reading and you’ll keep on learning,” she stressed.
At the end of the story-telling session, the pupils were very much entertained and have shown interest in agriculture as they have cheerfully engaged in the question and answer portion.


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