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Miracle Oil: The Next Big Thing of Alternative Medicines


Filipinos are known for their very hardworking character, spending most of their time in working to be able to provide for their family inevitably causing them to suffer pain and illnesses. Trying to save more money instead of using it for buying treatments and medicines, they would just endure the pain.


Instead of buying pain reliever medications, Filipinos look for cheaper alternatives to ease the ache caused by every hard work and effort they exerted. One of these alternatives that Pinoys commonly use is massage oil made of menthol or eucalyptus.

One example of this massage oil is the Brilliant Miracle Oil invented by Victor Tobias. It has started when he himself suffered from stroke.  Through thorough and in-depth research, Tobias finds out that the every organ of the human body needs minerals such as zinc for the brain and manganese for the nervous system.

With the curiosity in mind and with what he has found out, Tobias invented Brilliant Miracle Oil which is made of and extracted from plants. From the word “brilliant” and “miracle”, Tobias comes up with the best description for the instant effectiveness of the oil.

“’Pag ginamit mo, instant ito e, instant result. Brilliant na lang siguro, kasi magaling talaga…’Pag gumamit ka ng brilliant oil, makakaranas ka ng amazing result, now na,” he explained.

As a proof of the effectiveness of the Miracle Oil, Tobias testified that for just two weeks, he has started to recover from stroke and after two months, he is fully recovered. He said, “Two weeks pa lang ako nito na gumagamit, finormulate ko ito, maganda na agad ang epekto sa’kin. Tapos two months, fully recovered ako.”

To help other people who are suffering from pains and illnesses, experiencing the usefulness of the miracle oil for a short period of time, Tobias shares the magic of the Brilliant Oil to others. Surprisingly, the brilliant oil effectively treated some people who have arthritis, rheumatism, wound, burn, and body aches with just a few seconds.

“Kung meron ka nito, botika sa isang bote…Kapag binulsa mo ‘to, para kang may botika sa bulsa,” said Tobias.

In fact, one of the users who testifies the effectiveness and efficiency of the Brilliant Miracle Oil is Dr. Jylene Dizon, who accidentally discovers the magic of the oil.

She tries it one time for her headache and surprisingly, the pain has disappeared in an instant with just a rub on her forehead. Now, practicing acupuncture in her clinic, she also recommends it to her patients who are suffering body pains whether young or old.

“I have a lot of patients and experiences already with this Brilliant Miracle Oil…It’s very miraculous talaga,” Dr. Dizon shared.

Brilliant Miracle Oil comes from different sizes and forms such as roll on for eyes, perfume, hair grower, facial cream, and as energy drink (coffee and chocolate)

As different illnesses and diseases continue to spread and grow anytime, it is a good thing for a person to immediately treat himself especially when he is alone.. However, with just one bottle of the Brilliant Miracle Oil, with just one rub of it, you do not have to endure the pain and you can now say goodbye to body aches. (Charles Arvin E. Dantes & Alicia Angelica L. Villanueva)


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