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Duterte’s Fight Against Drugs: For Youth’s Better Future


President Rodrigo Duterte, who has been known today for his brave and bold words no matter whom he is talking to whether if it is the most prominent person or most wanted person in the world, is being questioned around the world in his ways of leadership. In fact, news about his ways in fighting drugs not just from local media but also from the international are being broadcasted and reported around the globe.
Somehow, there are some people criticizing him for having worse ways in fighting against drugs saying that there are another ways of stopping the practice of using drugs in the Philippines while some have seen the positive side happening in our country due to the continuous fight against drugs.
In his Sunday talk show, Ang Katipunan, former DepEd Undersecretary Butch Valdes showed some appreciations for Duterte’s effort and stated his opinions concerning the latter’s style in leading the country.
Addressing the campaign against drugs, Valdes shared his thoughts that it cannot be denied that Duterte’s leadership is phenomenal, noting that “no one in our history has been able to address all of these issues at the same time and with the certain level of effectiveness.”
As a matter of fact, Valdes added that in his first two months as the newest president, there are over 700,000 drug users and pushers who have submitted themselves in their local barangays to support Duterte’s campaign against drugs. Meanwhile, number of deaths increased by 12% compared to last year because of some who have been killed for allegedly fighting against the authority during the operation.
He also shared that crime against property (hold-up, stealing, etc.) has decreased into 49% because of the continuous progression of campaign against drugs.
Meanwhile, Ms. Cathy Cruz, one of the anchors in Ang Katipunan, stating the last paragraph of the Save the Nation Movement’s declaration, said that Duterte’s campaign shows that he is joining them fulfil their mission in creating a better future for the present and the future generation. She also said that the president always include his concerns regarding the youth in his every speech noting that he will do his best to save the present and the future generation.
Valdes and Cruz were still positive and hoping that Duterte’s campaign, like in the Save the Nation Movement’s declaration, will bring a better life for the youth.
For more today’s issues discussion, you may tune in to Professor Butch Valdez’ Ang Katipunan, every Sunday at 7:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on DZXL 558. (Alicia Angelica L. Villanueva)


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