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Nuclear Energy: Linchpin of a Successful Nation


Continuous energy price hike is one of the main reasons of why the Philippines is being plagued by poverty, in  fact, according to the study of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Philippines charges some of the highest prices in South East Asia for the consumption of power. This research proves that the country indeed needs to make changes for a much affordable, clean and reliable energy source.
Former DepEd Undersecretary Butch Valdes addressed the idea of re-opening the Philippine Nuclear Power Plant also known as the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant to have a much cheaper and efficient energy source for the country.
Garnering support from the Save the Nation Movement, he said in his radio show Ang Katipunan, that in order to build a successful nation, the Philippines must focus in prioritizing the energy aspect of the country. He added that nuclear energy is the ”linchpin” of a prosperous state.
He also showed dismay over the plans of the President Rodrigo Duterte on not giving importance to energy renewal and energy consumptions in the country. He cited that if the president wants to save the country, he must put the energy aspect of the country as the main priority in sustaining an economical change. He mentioned some successful countries including China, Russia and Japan, that uses their energy source as their main weapon in stabilizing the economy of their respective countries before rising to the success.
Valdes also added that in order to make a huge step in progressing, the country should listen to–what he called–quack economist that only suggest about Population Control Program, which sounds like reducing your people to meet the country’s supply and demand necessities.
He maybe disagree with some of the decision of the new administration, but he is still positive about the change that is about to come to the country, calling it the “Renaissance of the Philippines” as President Duterte promised to be pro-people and not giving certain private company their need for personal interest.
You can listen on Professor Butch Valdez’ Ang Katipunan, every Sunday at 7:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on DZXL 558. (Charles Arvin E. Dantes)


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