By: Adela Garapan Ida

The Department  of  Agriculture, Bureau  of  Fisheries  and  Aquatic  Resources (DA-BFAR) held their  groundbreaking  ceremony   to  lead  to  the  construction  of   a  two (2)   five  storey- buildings  for  National Fisheries Research and  Development Institute (NFRDI) located  at Bgy. Vasra, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City on April 28, 2016.
Undersecretary and National Director of BFAR, Asis G.  Perez  led  the  ceremonial  event  along  with  the officials  and  staff  of  the  said  Bureau.
Director  Perez  announced  that  the  buildings  would  mainly  be  used  to improve  the  quality  of services  to  their  stake  holders  and  to  the  public  as  well.  It’s a safekeeping of facilities for Oceanography and Fish Biology studies, Seafood Safety Quality and Fish Development and Processing. Likewise,   a  library and management  center  would  be  established  as  a  repository  of fisheries researches  and  scientific  information.
Furthermore, Director Perez  pointed  out  that  after  69  years, finally  the  dream  of  BFAR  to  own  a  building   has  now  come  to  a  realization.  It  was in  June  2015,  the  construction  of  its  Main  Building  had  been  started  in   a  10,751 square  meters  in  the  same  location.  The  construction  of these   three  buildings  would  be  completed  within  510  calendar  days  and would  be  operational  in year  2017.  These   buildings  had  been  designed  by  a  famous  Filipino  internationally  acclaimed  Architect  Palafox  and Associates.
Meanwhile, Director  Perez  in  a  brief  interview, had been  asked  as  to  whether  there  is  a  possibility  that  BFAR  would  become  a  Department.  He  affirmed  the  question  but  could  not  elaborate  further  considering  that  his  term  is   only  by  appointment.#


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