By: Adela Garapan Ida
The Lola better known as Lila Pilipina an organization of World War 11 Comfort Women victims of sexual abuse by the Japanese Military Regime in  our country.
There are 174 numbers of Comfort Women when Lila Pilipina was organized. Seventy  (70)  among  them  have  died  already, while  the  remaining One Hundred Four (104) members   alive  including  the families  and relatives are still fighting and struggling for  justice from the Japanese Government.
These  women are optimistic that  their  grievances  and sentiments towards reluctancy  from  both  side of two  government ( Philippine and  Japan)to solve the issue should be  taken  into consideration. That these two  countries  would  set  together  to deal  and  come up  necessary measures  to  alleviate  the plight  of  the  victims .  What  they  are  fighting  for; for  several decades  now  are  two  issues, and  these  are:

  1. International and National Apology
  2. Compensation from the Japanese Government for  being  one  of  the  victims of  sexual  slavery by  the Japanese  Military during  the  World War 11.

According to Lila Pilipina, they  have  exerted possible  efforts but  sad to say  the  issue  remain  unsolved  until  now. They  made  an appeal whoever  is  the President  in our  country  but  they  have  done  nothing  that  even  Pres. Aquino  is  also mum  on  this. They  President  had been  quoted  that  regarding  the issue of  Apology  and  Compensation for  that  matter   has  been  closed  already.
The Lila Pilipina  reiterated that  as  far  as  they  are  concerned  even  if  they  are getting  older  their  minds  are  still intact  as  well  as  their  memory  are  still  very  clear.  Its only the President who is suffering of amentia instead.
In this regard Mrs.  Extramdura  sometime  in  November 2010 on a non-political and  issue focused Pandesal  Forum sponsored  by Kamuning Bakery Café in Q. C., Pres. Aquino  had  tasked the newly  appointed  Ambassador Emmanuel  l. Lopez  to study  on this  matter and make  a  compromise  as  regards  to  Apology  issue.  As  for  Compensation issue he will  task  the Congress  to draft  a  law   that  will  ensure  the remaining  Lolas  would  received  compensation.  The funds  to  be  provided  by  the 1956 Reparations  Agreement  which  will  be considered all en compassing –  that include comfort women. However,  the  Lolas  expressed  their  sentiments  that  the Congress did not  done  anything  nor  draft  a  law except a resolution filed by Makabayan Bloc.
On January 27, 2016, the Emperor of Japan, Emperor Akihito would come for a visit to our country.  The GABRIELA would also be present during the courtesy call at the Malacañang.
However Ms. Extramdura have some  doubts if Pres. Aquino would bring this  issue of Apology and Compensation to the Emperor’s attention during his visit considering  that  Japan  has  the  biggest ODA  and  largest  investment  in the  country.  One  more  thing,  the  President might  as  well be  silent  on this  issue  because  of  the Visiting Forces  Agreement between the Philippines  and  Japan which  is  being  undertaken  and  in  the  process.
During the Emperors visit on January 27, 2016 the GABRIELA would  set a protest to press  their demands on  Apology  and  Compensation.  And to  coincide  with  the protest  regarding military  alliance between US and Japan as  described as ” Continuing  Puppetry of  the Aquino Government at expense  of sovereignty”.
Finally, the  Lila Pilipina expressed with  high  hopes   that  Pres. Aquino would  bring up this  matter despite the  prevailing  obstacles for their  plea for  justice that  they  have  been  continuously  fighting for  several decades. That  the  INTERNATIONAL  AND NATIONAL  APOLOGY  AND  COMPENSATION  FROM  THE  JAPAN  GOVERNMENT  should  be  granted  in their  favor.
The Kamuning Bakery Café in Q. C. is the first bakery in Q.C.  founded  and  owned  by  Atty. Letecia Bonifacio Javier  and  her  husband Lieutenant Marcelo Javier  who  had  fought  and died  the  Japanese Military invaders during  the 1945 Battle of Manila.
Mr. Wilson Lee Flores, a writer and Realty Entrepreneur revived the Kamuning Bakery Café in December 2013. That  according  to him  the  reason why  he  Sponsor   the  Comfort  Women  Victims  Pandesal  Forum  which  was  launched on September  15 2015  where  he  is  the  convener  and  moderator  at  the  same time.  This  occasion  is  in  commemoration  of  the  death  anniversary  of  his  relatives  whose  lives  were  also  victims  of Japanese military  oppression during  the 1945  Battle  in Manila.
Present during  the Pandesal  Forum  Comfort  for  Women  plea  for  justice  who extended  their full support  were  the following;  GABRIELA Women’s Party
Congresswoman Emmi de Jesus, Dr. Ricardo de Jesus, a UP Professor for History and Third World Countries Director for Study Center, Dr. Vim Nadera, Post and Education.
Finally, the  Lila Pilipina  member  brought  some  souvenir  items which  they  have made  by their  own, an ORIGAMI CRANE, symbolizing  Peace  and  to  remind  the  Pres. Aquino the opportunities  they miss to  pursue  justice  for  lolas.#


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