The Medical Statement of Antonia Carandang Park for Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in July 26, 2012. (courtesy of GMA News TV Quick Response Team)
The Medical Statement of Antonia Carandang Park. (picture from GMA News Quick Response Team FB account)

There are a lot of pending cases in our country right now, some were ordinary cases from ordinary people, while others are sensational cases that took the headlines and became top news items, however not all sensational case became top news, although this is somehow ironic, because how can it be not a top news item while it is a sensational case? And this I learned when I stumbled upon one particular case and this is the case of Mr. Bernard Tan, the father of Kate Tan, the student who was diagnosed with Hodge skin lymphoma but was still able to graduate cum laude in Ateneo last March 2013.
Kate Tan underwent stem cell treatment from a Doctor in Tagaytay City on August 2012 after Tan family watched in a known TV network the name of Dr. Antonia Park, M.D. in July 26, 2012 who released the medical statement for the former President and at that time Congresswoman of Pampanga Gloria Macapagal Arroyo underwent the same procedure of stem cell treatment.
Unfortunately after almost 4 months of treatment, Kate’s health condition deteriorated which prompted them to go back to conventional treatment, but because of Kate‘s worsened health condition, she wasn’t able to make it and eventually died on July 4, 2013.
Bernard Tan after her daughter’s burial started to find answer on his intuition brought by eventualities came during their stint of stem cell procedure with Antonia Park, that Antonia Park is not a doctor.
In August 12, 2013 Bernard Tan got a certificate from the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) signed by OIC Registration Division Florencia M. Sangalang, and to his surprise, there it indicates that Antonia Carandang Park has no record whatsoever of being a doctor, and that she has no license to practice medicine in our country, so it became clear to Tan family that the doctor they were seeing in Tagaytay City is a FAKE DOCTOR, and this prompted the Tan’s to file charges of murder, syndicated estafa and illegal practice of medicine against Zoharina Antonia Pedrera Carandang AKA Antonia Carandang Park in May 6, 2014.
2 days after the filling of those cases, Antonia Carandang Park fled the country, and Mr. Park and her nurses and staff were never arrested despite Park never attended a single hearing in their preliminary hearing at DOJ in August 2014 under Prosecutor Monica Liwag as Acting City Prosecutor for Tagaytay City.
In a 19 pages Resolution of Associate Prosecution Attorney and Acting City Prosecutor of Tagaytay City Monica T. Liwag finds probable cause in Tan’s illegal practice of medicine case while dismissing the same complaint filed by the NBI, a law enforcement agency under the DOJ known for its investigating expertise.
In an interview with Mr. Tan, a day before the arraignment of Antonia Carandang Park, the 8 counts of Estafa under Article 315 (2) (a) of the Revised Penal Code was reduced to 1 count by Prosecutor Liwag based on the attached 1 page communication letter dated April 22, 2015 to Mr. Bernard Tan, claiming her excuse that the earlier resolution was inadvertently sent after 7 months. The preliminary investigation was done in August 2014 and submitted for resolution in September 2014.
Tan said “during these time other sensational cases were resolved that at least on its normal pace such are the Napoles, Vhong Navarro, Cervando, Laude/Pemberton and Enzo Pastor Cases. All through the help of media mileage and Secretary De Lima of DOJ that gave utmost care on these cases until it reaches its proper courts and charges are filed while his case didn’t get the same treatment from both media and Secretary De Lima.
On contrary, Bernard Tan was charged together with the chief of police P/SUPT. Ferdinand R. Quirante and 2 other police officers PO3 Elmer Dimaculangan and PO1 Jenny Cosino of Tagaytay City at the office of Ombudsman by the private lawyer of Park because of the 2009 arrest warrant was release by the RTC Branch 222 of Quezon City executed by the said officers after the arraignment of Park in May 6, 2015 on Estafa and Swindling case filed by Complainant Mr. Isidro Grumo in 2008.
At that time, a Hold Departure Order (HDO) was issued but records from the Bureau of Immigration Division (BID) showed that Park has been in and out of the country since that time and recent, 2 days after Mr. Tan filed his case in May 6, 2014.
According to Police Officers of Tagaytay City, Park resisted during their arrest but her lawyers obstructed justice, prompting the police officers to file resisting arrest and obstruction of justice against Park and her Lawyers Atty. Stephen Cascolan and Atty. Lourdes Benipayo who are also known as handling the cases of the PDAF scam whistleblower Benhur Luy.
Despite tons of evidences and witnesses like the former nurse/ PT of Park as star witness, and against the affidavits and join affidavits of denials and alibis submitted by Park and her cohorts and their non-appearance in any of the P.I, the murder and syndicated estafa cases were dismissed, and all her cohorts were absolved. 8 counts of Estafa against Antonia Carandang Park were filed at the RTC Branch 18 and the Illegal Practice of Medicine filed at the MTC both in Tagaytay City, but the illegal practice of medicine filed by the NBI against Park was dismissed.
After 3 hearings at the MTC of Tagaytay City, which is quite ironic because normally a complaint by police officers are being treated favorably by prosecutors for the complaint of resisting arrest and obstruction of justice are filed by police officers with basis and factual circumstances, and this being one of very rare occasion wherein the prosecutor would side on the accuse who is wanted fugitive of the law against its police officers serving a valid warrant of arrest, and there are proof of the police officers complaint since the whole arrest procedure was all caught on film by the news crew of TV5, which was subsequently shown on the evening news that night and its early morning news show the following day. And why was Mr. Tan charged at the Ombudsman? For allegedly pointing Park a wanted fugitive of the law to the police officers who implemented a valid warrant of arrest, but Mr. Tan has nothing to do with that arrest, for it was the complainant Mr. Isidro Grumo who pointed and identified Park to the arresting officers at the courtroom where she was being arraigned with Mr. Tan’s case.
For the sake of argument, Tan indeed pointed Park to the police, that still doesn’t consummate any violation of any law, since it is duty bound by any law abiding citizen to report a crime or point to a wanted fugitive person of the law when he or she sees one or when the situation arise, clearly this is just a plain and simple case of harassment on Mr. Tan, and all of these developments on Mr. Tan’s case has been given lame exposure from media, despite of some interesting facts and angle of the story of which powerful and influential people are involved and are behind this fake doctor who in fact clearly is a professional con artist, questions like why did the former President went there in the first place if the doctor is fake, and if the doctor is fake, naturally the stem cell treatment most likely is also fake.
So if the former President is seriously ill, what PGMA, her camp and Malacañang would like us to believe? Why the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo under the care of Antonia Carandang Park, a stem cell doctor? Who referred her there? Didn’t her handling lawyers, the Judiciary checked on Park, the veracity if the stem cell doctor is a real doctor? Why the Palace and Secretary Leila De Lima of Department of Justice easily believe that the medical statement issued by Park for CGMA is true and legal? Why they are all quiet about it and deliberately staying away from the issue?
Considering that Mr. Tan out of his frustration of what has been happening to his case, started a petition at change.org and for a very short time since he started his petition last June 25, 2015 (father’s day) it has already got almost 12,000 signatories or petitioners, and this petition was addressed to Sec. De Lima of the DOJ, Virgilio Mendez of the NBI, and the PRC, and to date, none of the 3 has taken action to this petition.
Why is the fake doctor Antonia Carandang Park seems untouchable and very much well connected? Who are the powerful people protecting her? What do they have to gain or lose in doing so? What part does the fake doctor play during the time the former President was under extreme pressure by our people to answer for all her corruption, crimes and misdeeds done during her administration? Why St. Luke’s Hospital Doctors of former President doesn’t want to issue a medical report on her real health condition at that time up until now?
While the fake doctor issued a medical report and statement and distribute it to media and was even honored by Pasay City Court Judge Jesus Mupas, the one trying the case of the former President of electoral sabotage, filed by Comelec and DOJ in 2011? And these medical reports justify the real condition of the former President to be detained in a hospital or a hospital arrest rather than in a normal jail cell at the women’s correctional? A medical report issued by a fake Doctor??!
It seems like we are all been duped by this professional con artist doctor of the former President, it seems there was a conspiracy done during that time, from the filling of her case of electoral sabotage by the DOJ and Comelec, then the judicial process of which the judge acknowledged and honored a medical report given by a fake doctor, and all of this for the benefit of the former President, to avoid incarceration at a normal cell, and who truly owns the property compound where the fake doctor is holding her clinic and treatment of the stem cell?
We got a reliable information that a couple of which one is an active RTC Judge and the other was a dismissed from service Judge. And why are all these people involved in the arrest and persecution of the former President so quiet about the issue against this fake doctor while clearly she played a big part during that time and they have full knowledge of this then? And so is the former President and her camp has not made any statement and seems to be avoiding this issue, what is their involvement with the fake doctor Antonia Carandang Park?
Does this explain why the cases filed by Mr. Tan being treated this way? I think your guess is as good as mine; sometimes you just got to read between the lines and connect the dots. I smell a grand conspiracy, and I believe we were all been duped in the highest form by professional con artist Antonia Carandang Park and nobody seems to care about it. Let’s help uncover the truth, let’s help Mr. Tan in his crusade to unmask the Quack Doctor Antonia Carandang Park, for we will also uncover series of orchestrated drama between CGMA and the current administration. (BT/CC)


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