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QC pet ordinance effectively repealed


The Quezon City government has recently enacted two successive ordinances on animal welfare. Ordinance SP-2389, series of 2015, was signed into law on March 26, 2015. Called the Veterinary Code of Quezon City, it integrates various policies on animal welfare which will serve as guide to veterinarians in the city, according to City  Veterinary division head Ana Marie Cabel.
This ordinance contains no provisions limiting the number of pets in a household. It therefore supersedes and effectively repeals what has become the controversial Ordinance SP-2386, which was signed 13 days earlier on March 13,
According to Section 68 of the new Vet Code, all ordinances and issuances inconsistent with this code are deemed repealed.
Ordinance SP-2386 met the ire of pet lovers with its provision limiting to 4 cats and dogs that can be kept in one household. If there are more pets than these, the pet owner must apply for a special permit of Php 500 per pet. With the repeal of this policy, what remains is the requirement for registration  which is just Php 100 per pet.
Dr Cabel clarified that the main concern is not raising revenue. It is to teach households to become more responsible pet owners. Animals require adequate space and care, as provided for by animal welfare laws. They must also be regularly vaccinated against rabies. It is their task to make sure that these are followed.
Cabel cited statistics indicating that   90% of 13,231 animal bite cases in QC come from pets.
Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte also clarified that the Vet Code’s implementing rules are still being drafted. She assured all animal welfare and rights groups and the general public, that the IRR will go thru extensive public consultation which they can all attend.   She said that even now, civic groups can submit their position papers so that these will be thoroughly considered.

Posted By: Edrillan Pasion


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