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Electronics still top export for Central Luzon in 2014  


The export of electronic equipment and parts remained the highest dollar earner for all products from Central Luzon for 2014. Memory Integrated Circuits (MICs), Large Scale Integrated (LSI) chips, electrical appliances and machineries formed the bulk of exports from the region last year.

Data from the One Stop Export Documentation Center (OSEDC) showed that the electronics sector in Central Luzon generated $ 4.22 Billion or 74 % of the total export value for the region in 2014. This was followed by the Machinery and Transport Equipment and apparatus sector at $ 688.43 Million or 12.08 %. Export of garments or textiles earned $ 220.89 Million or 3.87% while Metal manufacture earned $130.72 Million or 2.29%. Other Consumer Manufacture worth $ 112.53 Million or 1.97 % was also exported by the region. For 2014, the Electronics sector export value in the region grew by 27.77% while the Machinery and Transport Equipment sector grew modestly by 2.71%.

DTI-3 Director Judith P. Angeles said that based on data from the OSEDC of Manila, Clark and Subic, with additional data from Clark Development Corporation (CDC), total exports for Central Luzon remained robust with at least a 1.5% increase from $ 5.61 Billion in 2013 to $ 5.70 Billion in 2014.

The province of Pampanga remained the top exporter with 86.40 % or $ 4.93 Billion worth of exports mainly in the electronics, machinery and garments sectors. More than half of this or $ 2.9 Billion comes from export of electronic equipment and parts by a large semiconductor company located in the Clark Freeport Zone. Tarlac province is second in the region in terms of exports valued at $ 436.54 Million or 7.66 % of the total exports for Central Luzon.

Tarlac is home to the Luisita Industrial Park and exports Machinery, Transport Equipment and apparatus, and Metal Manufacture.  Bataan’s export reached $ 250.74 Million or 4.40 % of the total for the region. Its exports are mainly garments and other consumer manufactures.  Zambales has $ 62.03 Million worth of exports while Bulacan produced $ 25.76 Million worth of exports for 2014.

In terms of export destination, China has now surpassed the United States as the top export buyer for Central Luzon products with 34.07% and 22.17% share of export value respectively, while Hong Kong is third at 11.55%.

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