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Scientists’ lighter side featured in DOST’s online publication


The Department of Science and Technlogy’s Philippine Men and Women of Science (PMWS) – a 51-year-old publication by the Science and Technology Information Institute, introduced a new feature titled “Heart of a Beautiful Mind” in its web version (pmws.dost.gov.ph).

The publication highlights the individuals behind those groundbreaking inventions and industry-changing innovations and exposes the Filipino scientist by baring their lighter side – from their childhood and student days to their thoughts, hopes, and dreams for future scientists.

Through interviews that delve on their thoughts and the little-known sidelights of their lives, as well as pictures that paint more than images of a brilliant minded individual, “Heart of a Beautiful Mind” aims to inspire in young Filipinos especially those aspiring to become scientists themselves, a sense of meaning and responsibility as they carve their niche in the professional world. This way, the reader gets a glimpse of the scientists’ less technical persona, thus capturing their more human side while learning what the job of a scientist is really all about.

The column featured ten scientists in 2014 in collaboration with the National Research Council of the Philippines and the Scientific Career System Secretariat of the National Academy of Science and Technology.  Featured scientists are Socorro E. Aguja (expert agriculturist specializing in Citriculture and Horticulture), Marina A. Alipon (led the team whose work on a locally available digital wood moisture meter has been recognized here and abroad), Orville L. Bondoc (made vast contributions in the field of animal breeding/genetics), Arvin C. Diesmos (significantly contributed in the field of wildlife ecology and environmental science), Arsenio B. Ella (awarded for his contributions in developing scientific and sustainable techniques in resin-tapping),Ramiro P. Escobin (one of the country’s experts in wood identification), Erlinda L. Mari (rendered her expertise to environmentally sound projects, such as wastewater management and paper recycling projects), Mildred A. Padilla (specializes in animal welfare, disease prevention, and food safety), Maricar S. Prudente (ecotoxicologist and conducts researches on environmental monitoring of Persistent Organic Pollutants), and Raymond Girard Tan (environmental system modeling life cycle assessment, environmental decision support systems, life cycle analysis, environmental decision support systems, process mass integration/water pinch technology, fuzzy modeling techniques and chemical engineering).

DOST-STII made the PMWS website online to celebrate PMWS’ golden year in 2014.

The site offers more content and information, such as the complete collection of PMS (Philippine Men of Science, former name of the publication) and PMWS publications’ past and current issues, making it a goldmine of information for researchers. The site likewise makes it convenient for the scientists to update their profile data.

Among the profiles currently in the database are members of the National Research Council of the Philippines, Scientific Career System of the Philippines-National Academy of Science and Technology and National Institute of Physics-University of the Philippines and other academic institutions.

PMWS’ roster of scientists is being expanded with the constant addition of other science professionals. In line with this, PMWS aims to integrate scientist information from various reputable institutions in the Philippines.

This initial version of the website was uploaded to gather feedback from stakeholders (scientists and students), with the aim of improving the site along the way. (S&T Media Service)


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