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  • Two Systems Are Before the World
  • The TPP and the Streets of Baltimore
  • Anti-TPP Group Shows Influence of Hamilton’s American System
  • ‘Anti-State Activists’ Threaten Varoufakis
  • Saudi Killing in Yemen Continues: Is It To Scuttle the Iran Nuclear Deal?
  • EIR Frankfurt Seminar Marks Turn Away from Dead-End Geopolitics and Monetarism, To BRICS/New Silk Road Alternative
  • Indian Relief Work Draws Nepal’s Admiration
  • Argentine President: We Will Never Honor ‘International Usury or International Fraud’
  • New Major Success for India’s Space Program
  • Bolivian Vice President: Launch a New Era of Science, Technology Knowledge for the Next Hundred Years.


Two Systems Are Before the World

April 29 (EIRNS)—Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in the midst of an extraordinary week in which she addressed three major “New Silk Road” conferences in Europe, began herspeech to the Culture and Business Forum “East-West Dialogue” in Baden-Baden

April 25 in this way: “Strategically, we must consider two completely different systems. Maximization of the profits of a few. Should this system prevail, it may lead to the extinction of the human race. Since last July, one which certainly is not without its problems, but has an entirely different orientation; and indeed, is based on the future, and on human creativity.” dominated by the City of London financial imperialists and threatens global depopulation and thermonuclear war. Look at the situation in Yemen—the latest “One system is based on geopolitical expansion, on monetarism, on “Fortunately, a completely parallel economic and financial system has arisen this is the system of the BRICS-allied nations. The oligarchical system is dominated by the City of London financial imperialists and threatens global depopulation and thermonuclear war. Look at the situation in Yemen—the latest outbreak of genocidal wars backed by President Obama in the Mideast and North Africa—where the Red Cross reports that 12 million of the 20 million Yemenis, being bombed and completely blockaded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.S. Navy, are “food-insecure” or lack any food at all. Most also now lack water, which cannot even be pumped with no fuel or electricity. This while many thousands are being drowned in the Mediterranean trying to flee to Europe from terror operations set in motion by Obama’s and Cameron’s wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq. Then look at the large-scale, nearly instantaneous and fully collaborative response by China and India—the BRICS—to the disastrous Nepal earthquake, with combined deployments of army groupings from both BRICS powers for reconstruction, and the extraordinary Indian pledge of $10 billion for infrastructure reconstruction in one small country.

Compare Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partner (TPP)—such a Wall Street swindle that opposing it has become a touchstone for the next Presidential candidate of his own party—to the last ten years’ series of actual trade agreements between China, ASEAN countries, and South Korea. These have resulted in extraordinary growth in intra-Asian trade in goods over that decade. Or consider the Bolivian Vice President’s extraordinary commitment of that nation to “produce ideas, export ideas, create a society of knowledge and science.” Bolivia has moved immediately to the BRICS alliance, and has enjoyed among the most rapid economic growth in the continent.

We are fighting two fascist puppets of the London-centered oligarchical system in the United States, President Barack Obama and California Governor Jerry Brown. “Brownshirt” is facing resistance from municipalities and companies throughout California to his 25% mandatory water cut; now he has asked for legislative power to fine residents or businesses $10,000/day for not giving up their use of water—when there is an ocean full of water at the state’s shores. When LaRouchePAC has bluntly organized residents to “jail this Nazi,” its organizers have gotten a dynamic response from Californians.

Obama has stepped into a trap with his “TPP” intended attack on China and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which has turned into an attack on his own party on behalf of Wall Street. There is an internal revolt against him and the resources on the planet as a whole to defeat him. The time has come to force this puppet of London out of office.


The TPP and the Streets of Baltimore

April 29 (EIRNS)—The revolt within Democratic elected officials and constituents against Obama on his Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is growing, and becoming more pointed regarding the next Presidency, with the serious disturbances in Baltimore coming in focus. As an African ambassador to the United States told EIR: “We have a common problem with the United States: Look at the riots in Baltimore. These young people in Baltimore and other cities in America are faced with the same hopelessness and lack of a future that we see in Africa.” aiming to box in New York City’s Rep. Gregory Meeks, one of the very, very few Democratic Party supporters of the TPP in the House of Representatives, LaRouchePAC organizer Jessica White intervened forcefully in a Brooklyn Democratic Party meeting, that the “elephant in the room” on the issue of police violence, in Baltimore and other cities, is ending Wall Street’s looting of the American citizens, reinstating Glass-Steagall, and not allowing the TPP to rob more jobs. She got strong support from the Democratic audience. walked Baltimore streets such as Pennsylvania Avenue where rioting occurred, NBC News’ Chuck Todd pointedly noted April 28 that Obama has never personally gone to the Ferguson, Charleston, Staten Island, Philadelphia, Baltimore, etc., sites of police violence and crowd reactions; “he doesn’t want to get involved.” University today on the safe issues of police body cameras and “an end to mass incarceration.” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka speaking in Washington, however, said TPP was the AFL-CIO’s “red line” for 2016 Presidential candidates; and told Clinton, “No candidate can be silent on any issue that’s important to the people. She’ll have to respond like every other candidate.”

Anti-TPP Group Shows Influence of Hamilton’s American System

April 29 (EIRNS)—One group attacking Obama’s TPP “free trade” fraud is the American Jobs Alliance, whose advisory board includes Louisiana’s former Republican Gov. Buddy Roemer and former Reagan Administration Commerce Department official and labor economist Clyde Prestowitz.

The AJA includes in its online statement a coherent brief (backed up by a somewhat longer, and also competent) description of Alexander Hamilton’s American System: “What is the American System of Economics? With roots dating back to George Washington and his Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, the American System, also called the American School of Economics, is the economic philosophy that guided U.S. national economic policy from the earliest days of the Republic, through the Civil War to the early 1970s, and built the United States from an agrarian frontier society to the world’s largest economy and greatest industrial power.

“The American System economic philosophy consists of three basic tenets for government to follow:

“1. Promote domestic industry through high import duties, or tariffs, on selected imports and/or subsidies for domestic producers;

“2. Invest in a public infrastructure (roads, ports, dams, irrigation and water projects, public schools and scientific research) to facilitate commerce and fuel private enterprise; and,

“3. Create a national bank to oversee national monetary policy and regulate credit to spur economic development and deter speculation. “Alexander Hamilton first proposed the American System. Hamilton’s Report on Manufactures, requested by President Washington, laid out a plan for the federal government to nurture the growth of domestic manufacturing industries in the United States instead of having the new nation depend on manufactured goods imported from abroad.

“In this report in 1791 Hamilton wrote: ‘The wealth … independence and security of a Country, appear to be materially connected with the prosperity ofmanufactures. Every nation ought to endeavor to possess within itself all the essentials of national supply.’


‘Anti-State Activists’ Threaten Varoufakis

April 29 (EIRNS)—The European oligarchy is targeting Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, via threats from “anti-state activists,” as part of a broader terror campaign against the Greek government as a whole.

Varoufakis and his wife Danae were attacked by a group of anti-state activists yesterday in a restaurant in the Exarhia district of Athens, known for its anarchists and drug dealers. In 2011, Varoufakis relocated to Austin, Texas because he had received phone calls threatening the life of his son, when he was investigating a banking scandal at the time.

The following item published by EIR’s European Strategic Alert, No. 17, datelined April 17, 2015, identifies the who, what and why of the anarchist networks being deployed:

“Greek Citizens Protection Minister Charges Foreign-Directed Forces Destabilizing Greece”  “Greece is now under attack from foreign-directed criminal networks who control Greece’s anarchist terrorist networks to destabilize Greece. This charge was made by Citizens Protection Minister Yannis Panousis, adding that Greece was being punished for its Multi-Dimensional Foreign Policy of promoting good relations with Russia, China and other BRICS countries.

“The Greek website DefenceNet.gr cited unnamed sources in the Greece State Intelligence Service reporting that members of the Ukrainian fascist Right Sector have entered Greece for the purpose of acquiring illegal weapons and are in factcollaborating with the Greek anarchists. DefenceNet.gr points out that the Right Sector overthrew the government of Ukrainian President V. Yanukovych with the backing of the United States and the European Union. “Ever since the January elections, the so-called anarchist movements have become very active, including occupation of buildings of the Athens University but also clashes with police. Based in the rundown Exarhia neighborhood of Athens, notorious for its drug gangs, these groups form a support base for dangerous Greek terrorist organizations including Conspiracy of Fire Cells and Revolutionary Struggle, both of which have claimed responsibility for bombings and assassinations. Several of their members are in jail, a fact which has generated support networks being set up throughout Europe and the United States by international anarchist groups. “During the previous governments these groups would show up at peaceful mass demonstrations and launch battles with the police, giving the police an excuse to repress the entire demonstration. Everyone knew these were provocateurs. “Following a meeting with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Panousis announced that police had removed the anarchists occupying one of the university buildings. ones that control Exarhia, and that they are criminals for hire and are directed from centers both in Greece and abroad to ‘destabilize the government.’ One of the anarchists arrested was the 38-year-old Polykarpos Georgiadis who had been convicted in the past of involvement in the kidnapping of a Greek industrialist in 2008. Georgiadis had been released on parole in 2013.

“An EIR article, ‘Copenhagen Riots Open New Phase of Strategy of Tension,’ on March 16, 2007 reported how the European terrorist organizations were being reconstituted out of earlier generations that were protected by oligarchical circles in France, Italy and other NATO countries. Three organizations were named: the Anarchist Black Cross Federation, and the Anarchist Black Cross Network with bases in the United States and Europe, including Greece, and the New Red Brigades, which is said to have teamed up with the Informal Anarchist Network.

“Currently all these organizations’ websites feature campaigns in support of the imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of Fire Cells, the Revolutionary Struggle, and other terrorists. They are also active in anti-government activities in Russia, Belarus, and Crimea.


Saudi Killing in Yemen Continues: Is It To Scuttle the Iran Nuclear Deal?

April 29 (EIRNS)—Saudi Arabia continues to kill and destroy in Yemen, one of the poorest nation on Earth. Today’s reports indicate Saudi jets bombed the airport in Yemen’s capital Sana’a to prevent an Iranian cargo plane that was bringing in relief, from landing there. electricity, homes crushed by air strikes, thousands on the move in search of water, shelter and food: Yemen’s humanitarian plight, long fragile, has become disastrous after a month of all-out war,” reports Reuters in a story entitled “Hunger and Death Stalk Millions in Yemen’s War.” generators. In a water-scarce country like Yemen, that means you can’t even pump water,” International Committee of the Red Cross spokeswoman Marie Claire Feghali was quoted as saying. “It’s a catastrophe, a humanitarian catastrophe. It was difficult enough before, but now there are just no words for how bad it’s gotten,” she said.

On the ground, the situation in Yemen is becoming horrific. “Hospitals bereft of “Ambulances can’t run, there’s very little electricity and not enough fuel for The UN counts 1,080 dead, over 4,000 wounded and 150,000 displaced. The UN also says that 12 million people are “food insecure” or going hungry, a 13% increase since the conflict started. Lebanon’s former Communications Minister Osam Noeman told Iran’s Fars News Agency on April 27 that blocking an agreement between Iran and the P5+1 Group “has been the main incentive behind Saudi Arabia’s ‘Operation Decisive Storm’ against Yemen,” because Saudi Arabia believes the agreement reached in Lausanne would increase Iran’s influence in the region.

In relevant remarks on April 28, FNA reports Khalid al-Asmae’i, a prominent Mideast analyst, told Egypt’s Sada Elbalad news site that Israel’s recent airstrike against the Syrian military posts in the strategic Qalamoun region was aimed at undermining the nuclear talks underway in Lausanne, Switzerland. “The Israeli attacks are an instrument to pressure the U.S. administration and trouble the nuclear agreement with Iran,” he said.


EIR Frankfurt Seminar Marks Turn Away from Dead-End Geopolitics and Monetarism,

To BRICS/New Silk Road Alternative

April 29 (EIRNS)—An EIR seminar brought the New Silk Road/BRICS alternative to the trans-Atlantic war drive to a German audience in Frankfurt this afternoon. The keynote was given by EIR Editorial Board member and Schiller Institute founder/chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who was followed by presentations byProf. Shi Ze, Senior Research Fellow at China Institute of International Studies;former Greek ambassador and diplomat Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos; the head of the Malaysian Investment Development Agency S. Sundara Raja; and the Ethiopian Consul-General in Frankfurt. The audience included several more representatives of the diplomatic community in Frankfurt.

particular, brought a lively message across to those attending that their four home countries have learned lessons from political and economic mistakes of the past: They no longer listen to the dubious and mostly catastrophic advice of the IMF experts and the Western monetarist bankers, but focus instead on policies that serve the development of the national real economy and the well-being of their citizens. No geopolitics, no spheres of influence. All four countries are making progress, and the development of the BRICS is viewed as a great potential that can and will be tapped—for the benefit of all nations. The BRICS and New Silk Road being the the presentations by the speakers from China, Greece, Malaysia and Ethiopia, in only real alternatives to the ailing globalized monetarist system which Mrs. Zepp LaRouche spoke about in her keynote, became quite visible in those four detailed presentations from and about China, Greece, Malaysia and Ethiopia.

Indian Relief Work Draws Nepal’s Admiration

April 29 (EIRNS)—The quick and broad response of the Modi government in New Delhi to the April 25 earthquake that devastated Nepal, has drawn a great deal of admiration from Kathmandu. Nepal’s Ambassador-designate to India, Deep Kumar Upadhyay, said India took the initiative in relief operations, which other countries followed. “We are thankful to the government of India that it was kind enough to extend a blank check after the shattering earthquake. It has done tremendous work to provide help,” he told reporters in New Delhi. interior areas in the mountains, which have been the worst hit. We will airlift and road lift the material to those places,” he said. border areas so that our people who want to return to their homes can go there. The service will be increased as per demand,” he added. Upadhyay said “I know we are two [countries], but we are receiving support like we are one. There is no problem of coordination between us. The aid will have a positive impact on us. It’s a matter of human emotions.” substantial airlift of relief material went into Nepal, bringing stranded people back on return flights using the Indian Air Force transport fleet of C-17s and C-130Js. It is likely that the relief work will continue for weeks before the rebuilding of Nepal can be estimated.

Reporter the cost to rebuild Nepal would exceed $10 billion (R120.billion) and take years. His reconstruction estimate is equivalent to about half of Nepal’s $20 billion (R240 billion) economy. Although, New Delhi has not issued any official statement on how much of that rebuilding cost India would bear, unofficial statements indicate India is ready to take a lion’s share of that rebuilding cost. in the relief work, is also expected to pitch in in a big way. Nepal is part of President Xi Jinping’s $40 billion “Silk Road Economic Belt” network of highways, railways and other critical infrastructure linking China to Central and South Asia, the Mideast and Europe.

Argentine President: We Will Never Honor ‘International Usury or International Fraud’


April 29 (EIRNS)—For the first time since its 2001 debt default, on April 21 Argentina successfully carried out a domestic bond issuance in the amount of $1.4 billion, defying its enemies in London and Wall Street, and the vulture funds they control, who had predicted the nation would never return to the capital market unless it gave in to the vultures’ extortion. vulture funds controlled by multibillionaire Paul Singer failed “to scare off  investors” with the threat that they would block the issuance of the Bonar-2024 bonds. The $1.4 billion would be invested productively in infrastructure development, he said. had more to say on this issue, ridiculing predictions made by the vultures and their local allies that unless Argentina agreed to pay these predators, it would collapse in economic chaos, lose reserves, suffer devaluation and capital flight, and remain entirely “isolated” internationally. was able to return to the capital markets, she added, “because we’ve honored the debt and will continue to honor it; but what we will never honor is international usury and international fraud. That you don’t honor; God forbids it, the Torah forbids it, the Koran forbids it. It is forbidden by all those who believe you can’t exploit the human being, sacrifice a people and a history to honor a handful [of vultures] who seized funds and resources for very little money and now expect to win exorbitant sums.” Argentina, she said, has accomplished more than it set out to do, and proven “that for a country to function…you don’t have to let yourself be dragged down. You need a great deal of patriotism, dignity, much courage and a great deal of willpower.”

As Finance Minister Axel Kicillof announced from Moscow the same day, the In an April 28 speech in Buenos Aires, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Argentina isn’t isolated, because it didn’t capitulate, she said. The government


New Major Success for India’s Space Program

April 29 (EIRNS)—India successfully tested an indigenous cryogenic engine that will help India put satellites of up to four tons into geostationary orbit. Congratulating the space scientists, Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the successful testing as a proud achievement, noting that this would help India put satellites of heavier payload into geostationary orbit.

Bolivian Vice President: Launch a New Era of Science, Technology and Knowledge for the Next Hundred Years

April 29 (EIRNS)—“We’re going to begin to produce ideas, what we’re going to begin to export are ideas,” said Bolivian Vice President Alvaro García Linera speaking April 23 at the Cochabamba International Fair.

technology, García stressed that Bolivia is now ready to enter a new era, the “society of knowledge.” And, he added, Cochabamba, one of the nation’s most important cities, with a vibrant and energetic young population, “is the ideal location in which to launch this new phase of development of the economy which must guide the destiny of Bolivia for the next hundred years…. The success we’ve seen in a few private companies here in Cochabamba, which on a small scale have opted for science and knowledge, has led the President and me to say that we have to do this in all of Bolivia.” Both public and private universities must be involved in this process, he stated. Cochabamba, García underscored. It should be organized so that specific areas of science and technology linked to both the internal and external market will be selected, to educate the “little brains” of the 21st Century. The best students will be selected and educated from high school through college, to use their knowledge later in service to the nation.

the First Conference of the Andean sector of the Latin American and Caribbean Continental Student Organization (OCLAE), García urged students to take up the challenge posed by science and technology, to fight for “scientific and technological emancipation,” so that nations don’t have to depend on Europe or the U.S. for the technology required for their industrialization. Without mentioning the BRICS, he noted that “the world economy is being redefined for the next 50 years,” right now, and urged students to engage in the political process to ensure that their nations move from economic sovereignty to “scientific and technological sovereignty.

Posted By: Rhea Razon


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