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Over 500 Containers Overstaying Due to “Special Stop Order”



Over 500 containers and other break-bulk cargoes with “Special Stop Order” issued by previous BOC Commissioners remain unclaimed at the Asian Terminals Incorporated (ATI) and International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI).


In a letter to Commissioner Ruffy Biazon dated Sept. 26, 2011,  a week after he assumed the office of the BOC Commissioner, ATI and ICTSI officials advised the Commissioner of the more than 500 unclaimed containers.


Commissioner Biazon for his part explained that upon knowing of the situation through the ATI and ICTSI letters, he was alarmed as no proper turnover by the staff of the previous Commissioner was done about the said cargoes that were put on “special stop.”


To facilitate the release of the subject containers, Commissioner Biazon is asking the affected brokers and consignees to contact Atty. Adelina Molina, Chief of Staff, Office of the Commissioner and to present copies of the corresponding entries (back-to-back) for said containers with the appropriate BOC findings. 


According to the ATI Government Relations and Customer Service Officer Jun Hermes M. Balita’s letter, some of the containers on hold have already been processed for release by the BOC but the containers cannot be released in their system because of the Special Stop Order.


The ATI official particularly mentioned two (2) containers consigned to MBME Trading and another seven (7) containers consigned to Bounty Fields Enterprises that were recently requested for release by the BOC but could not be processed because of the Special Stop Order.


In addition to the nine (9) containers, 13 more overstaying containers that have already been approved for condemnation cannot be disposed due to the Special Stop Order.


 “The records show some of the cargo has been on special stop for several years.” Biazon said, adding that “this practice of issuing special stop orders especially on practically wholesale scope like the over 500 containers and leaving it unattended is affecting the BOC’s collection, henceforth, we shall address this concern appropriately.” Jessil A. Felisario, Public Information & Assistance Division, Bureau of Customs (BOC)


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