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DTI Awards 15 Establishments with Gold Bagwis Seal


Recognized by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the ASEAN Committee on Consumer Protection (ACCP) as one of the best practices of the country in Consumer Protection, the DTI Bagwis Program of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) gives due recognition to establishments that practice fair business and uphold the rights and welfare of consumers.

The Gold Bagwis Program in particular, includes setting up of Consumer Welfare Desks in business places aimed at providing accessible and speedy resolution of complaints to consumers. For this year, a total of 15 businesses will be awarded with the DTI Gold Bagwis Seal of Excellence after having met the criteria under the said program.

After thorough deliberation and evaluation by the DTI Bagwis National Certification Committee (NCC) chaired by Undersecretary Zenaida Cuison Maglaya of the DTI-Consumer Welfare and Trade Regulation Group (CWTRG) in a meeting held last 21 September 2011, announced the establishments that will be awarded with the DTI Gold Bagwis Seal of Excellence are Canon (with 8 branches in NCR, Region I, III, V, VII and IX), Siapno-Tada Optical, Inc. (with 11 branches in Region I), Nerumo Enterprises (Region I), Bolong Agri-Management Corporation (Region I), Honda Cars Ilocos, Inc. (Region I), Northeast Car Care Center (Region I), EZ Supermarket San Sebastian, Tarlac City (Region III), EZ Supermarket Ligtasan, Tarlac City (Region III), Mart One Department Store (Region III), Big A Department Store, Tarlac City (Region III), Emilio S. Lim Appliances (Region III), K-Servico Trade, Inc. (Region III), DBL Aircon Refrigeration Center (Region III), Honda Cars Bulacan (Region III), and Honda Cars Nueva Ecija (Region III).

Undersecretary Maglaya stresses, “The DTI is very much pleased that more and more establishments have recognized the necessity to obtain the Bagwis Seal to not only help the consumers and enterprises, but most importantly, to help themselves grow as model businesses”.

“The Bagwis Program is a check and balance for establishments to be guided on how they should operate while consistently conforming to government regulations and local and international standards”, she adds.

The additional establishment-awardees have met the criteria on Compliance with Fair Trade Laws, Customer Relations, Store Management Operations, Socially Committed and Responsible Business Sector, and ISO 9001/ Quality Management System.

In screening nominees for the program, DTI partners with the private sector, specifically with the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA), Philippine Association of Supermarkets (PASI), Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), and Philippine Amalgamated Supermarket Association (PAGASA).

The NCC members who reviewed the documentary requirements of the awardees this year are Director Victorio Mario A. Dimagiba (DTI-BTRCP), Mr. Vince Justo (DTI-RODG), Engr. Mario Gaudiano (DTI-BPS), Ms. Velma Lim (NCAC), Ms. Victoria Padilla (PPSQF), Ms. Evelyn Salire (PRA), Atty. Federico Ples (PASI), and Mr. Veegee Sison (PCCI).

Director Dimagiba mentions, “Together with the DTI regional and provincial offices, the DTI-CWTRG encourages establishments to earn the Bagwis award and post the seals in front of their stores to properly guide the consumers”.

Since its launch in 2006, DTI has already awarded a total of 690 Gold, 589 Silver, and 917 Bronze Bagwis Seals of Excellence. With a new addition to the pool of DTI Gold Bagwis awardees, the Department of Trade and Industry is confident that the Philippine market will have more establishments offering quality goods, complying with fair trade laws, and propagating consumer welfare and protection.

In its entirety, the DTI Bagwis program will foster balance between engaging in business and safeguarding the welfare of consumers. Undersecretary Maglaya underscores, “The DTI Bagwis Program promotes a healthy competition among establishments to ensure that the welfare of consumers is constantly safeguarded”.

For more information on the DTI Bagwis Program, call DTI-BTRCP at 751.3223. Public Relations Office, Department of Trade and Industry


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