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Workers picket oil depot, vow to support transport strike



Workers led by labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno picketed the oil depot in Pandacan, Manila today to condemn the Big 3 oil companies’ continuing overpricing of petroleum products, vowing to support a transport strike in the coming days.

“This week’s meager rollback will not stop us from continuing our protests. The Big 3 oil companies continue to implement their overpricing schemes,” said Lito Ustarez, KMU vice-chairperson.

“This week’s meager rollback is just a cheap attempt to dampen the public’s protest, one form of which is the impending transport strike. The Big 3 has always adjusted prices according to its interests,” he added.

Workers burned an image of a three-headed monster which symbolizes the Big 3 oil cartel which is wreaking havoc on the lives and livelihood of workers.

Support for transport strike 

KMU said it will lend its support to a big-time strike against big-time overpricing and for a big-time rollback.

“Workers will go all-out in supporting a transport strike against the big-time overpricing being undertaken by the Big 3. We are also calling for a big-time rollback and the junking of the Oil Deregulation Law,” Ustarez said.
“Transport workers are fighting not only for their sector’s interests but that of the public. We will support them by the tens of thousands across the country,” he added.

Against reprisals vs. drivers 

The labor center vowed to protest any reprisal which the Aquino government will make against transport workers who will join the strike.
“The criminal in this issue is the Big 3, not the drivers of public utility vehicles. The Big 3 is sabotaging our economy and impoverishing our people by pricing their products in ways that will boost their profits,” Ustarez said.
“Pres. Aquino should not think that he is too popular to suffer a black eye should he attack the country’s transport workers. He will be condemned by a wide section of society should he decide to do that,” he added.  Lito Ustarez, KMU Vice Chairperson


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