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FBG presents list of qualified applicants for Academic Excellence Award



The Fraternal Benefits Group of the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI) presents the list of qualified applicants for the Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ award for Academic Excellence, which is conferred to inspire the members of the Knights of Columbus family to excel academically which could serve as an asset in forming a ‘strong Christian society.’


The program was divided into 4 divisions, namely: Elementary Level (Valedictorian of the Graduating class of 2010-2011), High School Level (Valedictorian of the Graduating class of 2010-2011), College Level (Cum Laude and higher of the Graduating class of 2010-2011) and passer of BOARD/BAR examination from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.


To date, there are a total of 69 applicants who qualified for the incentive program; seven from the Elementary Division, six from the High School Division, nine from the College Division and 47 from the BAR/BOARD Passer Division. Each of them will be receiving the Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ’s Award for Academic Excellence Medallion and a Certificate of Recognition. The awarding will take place in their respective councils and will be facilitated by their Area Manager.


The Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ award for Academic Excellence was sponsored by KCFAPI to recognize the members of Knights of Columbus and their immediate families who have excelled in their studies.


Here are the lists of qualified applicants for incentive program: Board/Bar passers: Berbadeth Antalan, teacher; Roda Antalan, Cyndale Glaze and Amarillento Aparente, Registered Nurse; Bryan Ray Arzanan, CPA; Percy Balderia, Medicine; KC Love Cong, CPA; Daniel Espina Corpin, Crimimologist; Edison Pescante Daigdigan, Architect; Francisco de Torres, Jr., Registered Nurse; Sydrick Jose Andrei Deiparine, Lawyer; Ramon Dela Cruz, Laywer; Rose Anne Derramas, Registered Nurse; Ivan Andrew Derramas, Registered Nurse; Jose Ramil Escasinas, Registered Nurse; Rosa Dalya Enriquez, CPA; Gloreline Denolio Florida, Registered Nurse; Mark Louie Francisco, Dentist; Maria Angelica Fernandez, CPA; Dareall Allan Garcia, Engineer; Kharlo Mikhail Gonzales, Med Tech;


Nip Victor Belloga Hipolito, Registered Nurse; Sarah Jane Claudine Jose, Registered Nurse; Catherine Anne Junio, Registered Nurse;Kyle Anthony Laserna, Registered Nurse; Reynaldo Chan Libatique III, Lawyer; Reymund Chan Libatique, CPA; Melanie Libatique, Teacher; Joanna Kay Liberato, Registered Nurse; Jefferson Mari Mariano, Registered Nurse; Michael Jordan Navarro, Registered Nurse; Ryan Jay Orteza Salvador, Registered Nurse; Ma. Krisirene Santilla, Registered Nurse; Jeffrey Medina Santos, Lawyer; Glaiza Gonzales SArmiento, Lawyer; Dee Magaux Villareal Sudario, REgistered Nurse; Diana Mae Villareal Sudario, Registered Nurse; Richard Liston Tabublong, Agriculturist; Anna Victoria Talens, Registered Nurse; Orlando Tenorio, Jr., Lawyer; Vian Karel Tolentino, Registered Nurse; Vladimir John Untalan, Engineer; Jade Sagnip Verdillo, Registered Nurse; and Jeruh Viesca, Registered Nurse.


Recipients of Academic Award in College are: Rona Mae Mangle Baligala, Cum Laude; Carlo Antonio Buado,, Cum Laude; Gerard Angelo Salmorin Cruzado, Cum Laude; Reyman Estrella Dominguez, Cum Laude; Antonette Hallara Palacios, Cum Laude; Mary Luz Sajulga Pelesco, Magna Cum Laude; Rhoda Redulla, Cum Laude; and Ritz Darwin Payoyo Resuello, Magna Cum Laude.


Recipients of Academic Award in Highschool are: Aliana Grace Alipio, Valedictorian; Rommel Rodrigo Ceblano, Valedictorian; Angelica Capito Frias, Valedictorian; Camille Anne Ocumen, Valedictorian; and Dave Sim Servano Saul, Valedictorian.


Recipients of Academic Award in Elementary are: Anthony Rodrigo Ceblano, Valedictorian; Jean Diolas, Valedictorian; Ryan Glenn Fronda, Valedictorian; Kino Gabriel Gumayagay, Valedictorian; Myra Elizabeth Raquino Pascua, Valedictorian; Aldrea Marie Santos, Valedictorian; and Neal Patrick Sumagaysay, Valedictorian. Michael Medina, KCFAPI News


  1. Hi, this is Atty. Reynaldo Libatique III, one of the qualified applicants for your incentive program. Please see the 6th paragraph “REYMUND LIBATIQUE, CPA”. He is my brother. His name is spelled incorrectly, it should be “RAYMUND LIBATIQUE”. Just change “REYMUND” to “RAYMUND”. Thank you so much.

    That in all things, God may be glorified!!!


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