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International Family of the Year: “Love oftentimes resists order”



“Love oftentimes resists order. Ours was a classic tale of boy meets girl. There seemed to be a magical pull that drew us together. We saw the world through the same eyes and shared the same passion for the arts, music and poetry.”


This was the statement given by a Pinoy couple featured on November 2010 issue of the highly respected Columbia Magazine and the 3rd runner up in the “2010 International Family of the Year” by the Knights in Columbus.


Married for 42 years and have nine children, Isidoro Molina of San Pedro Council 4234 in Manila and her wife, Leah, told their inspiring stories about marriage and family as what the Order’s “2011 International Family of the Year” Awardee inspire about.


Ronald and Elizabeth Simurdiak of Father John Patrick Slowey Council 2963 in Phillips, Wis., and their family were named the Order’s 2011 International Family of the Year.


The couple stressed how the Knights of Columbus helped them in building a successful marriage and how to be a model of charity and Catholic values in their community.


Furthermore, a member of the Order for 32 years, Simurdiak was surprised by the honor because he is more accustomed to giving than receiving.


The couple has three kids, Joseph, 19 and John, 17 – both served as altar boys. And nine-year old adopted daughter named Jenna.


“When you get an award like this it inspires you to live up to what it represents. It is humbling because you know there are so many other people doing more than you who will never get the recognition,” the couple cited.


The entire family is actively participated in the Knights of Columbus activities and to their community as well.


Like what the Molina Family did, Simurdiaks kin hope to bring the message of faith, hope and charity to others -no nationality, no inequity. Yen Ocampo


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