Home Press Release “Solon shocked with PNP’s glide in global peace index” – Castelo

“Solon shocked with PNP’s glide in global peace index” – Castelo


Alarmed with the 2010 Global Peace Index survey result of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) finding the Philippines in the 130th place of 149 countries, Rep. Winston “Winnie” Castelo feels compelled to call for the full reorganization of   Philippine National Police.

“There is obviously a very serious problem that has plagued the PNP that effectively rendered its mantra ‘to serve and to protect’ pure fiction.  The current state this organization is in only reflects an irreversible case of doctrinal dysfunction that Congress in exercise of its oversight function should immediately look into”, the QC solon strongly pointed out.

Apparently, Philippines slid down 10 rungs lower from its 2009 ranking based on 23 indicators used to determine or measure the peace and order situation in the country.  According to Castelo, this only means that before the eyes of the world, be them – academics, businessmen, philanthropists, or members of peace institutions – this country of ours is in real bad shape.

“What this most recent ranking is telling us is the indisputable fact that the PNP as an organization has ceased to perform at par.  With poor and dismal scores in perceived criminality, violent crime, intensity of internal conflicts, respect for human rights, potential for terrorist acts, likelihood of violent demonstrations and ease of access to small arms and light weapons, it is of little wonder then that the PNP is in a complete state of decay”, Castelo further argued.

“This global peace index necessarily defines PNP’s present location in relation to its mandated duty to curb criminality, violence, crimes against persons or property, kidnap-for-ransom, communist insurgency and the like.  And the way anyone will have to see it is the sad fact that it has become a complete failure”, Castelo pointed out.

The administrator solon seems bent on calling for a thorough investigation on this frightening position in the global chart which should be the concerns proper to the PNP and maybe the AFP.

“I hate to think that the PNP showcases the Philippines in an extremely bad light in the world scene as the 19th worst country in the world in terms of peace and order.  And so therefore, it is only a serious security concern that has to be dealt with.  No wonder, police officers themselves fool their own organization by passing off as brand new otherwise used or second hand helicopters and accepting intelligence funds from PCSO as if they were bribes”, Castelo said. 30


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