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Theme: “Making Rights Real for Filipinos with Disability”  

As Full citizens, people with disabilities have equal rights and are entitled to dignity, equal treatment, independent living, and full participation in society.


The aim is to provide differently abled persons with the same individual choices and control in dignity in their daily lives as abled persons. Care and support services are to be more tailored to the specific needs of the people with disability.


Problems concerning people with disability transcends in every aspect of their dignity as humans,  even if efforts were made, laws and ordinances were crafted, much intended to protect them, still there are so many cases of non implementations of laws, ordinances etc. with regards to the situations and development of the Persons with Disabilities.  


Hon. Vice Mayor Ma. Josefina Belmonte will Present and Discuss the City’s Policy Reform Agenda for Persons with Disability (PWD). Hon. City Mayor Herbert Bautista will deliver his Message to the activity, and Miss Ma. Teresa Mariano, Head of the Social Services Development Department (SSDD) will present the QC-PWD Situationer, and Mr. Mateo A. Lee, Executive Director of the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) will deliver his closing remarks.


The Venue of the PWD Summit will be at the Occupational and Safety Health Center, North Avenue, Quezon City. Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm


The Summit’s Agenda to be discussed are:


  1. Quezon City’s policy Reform Agenda for Persons with Disability
  2.  Existing Services and Programs
  3. Areas of Concern
  4. Proposed Services and Measures


Lead Office: Office of the Vice Mayor OVM-Quezon City


Partners involved in this activity:


  1. Social Services Development Department  (SSDD)
  2. National Council For Disability Affairs (NCDA)
  3.  DOH
  4. DEPED-SPED Division


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