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Statement of DOST Sec. Mario G. Montejo on Executive Order No. 47.


President Aquino signed Executive Order No. 47 placing the Commission on Information and Communication Technology and its attached agencies under the Department of Science and Technology.

The decision affirms the President’s commitment to align the government’s ICT infrastructure, program and plans with the strategy for inclusive economic growth and efficient governance by integrating ICT policies, programs, and resources with research and continuing innovation led by the DOST.

Executive Order 47 will result in a leaner, meaner and more proactive office that will ensure that our ICT industry will remain competitive in the global market, and Filipinos would experience the benefits of ICT through a more efficient and transparent e-government.

Executive Order 47 signifies a shift to more strategic ICT policies and the immediate implementation of urgent steps needed in ICT development by tapping into DOST’s direct links with the academe and industry.

Under the DOST, the former CICT is renamed as the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO). It will continue to put a high priority on e-Governance and the highflying business process outsourcing industry.

The ICTO under DOST will accelerate the development of a connected government and integrate IT government systems under a unified platform. Consolidating all government ICT programs will likewise put an end to inefficient ICT projects that are disjointed or duplication of each other.

The ICTO under DOST will ensure the long-term sustainability of the IT-BPO sector .The ICTO will concentrate on the areas of human resource development through education in order to produce globally competitive ICT manpower and promoting a climate conducive for further growth.

It will also streamline research and innovation in ICT to address issues such as cyber hacking, disaster risk management, and environment protection.

The DOST in consultation with the sectors concerned will prepare a rationalization plan as contained in EO 47 and will submit this to the Office of the President within three (3) months. -30- Beth Padilla, STII-DOST


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