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MFI Scholars’ Day



Molding Future Innovators, MFI Technological Institute, formerly Meralco Foundation Institute will honor 568 students during its 29th Scholars’ Day on June 24, 2011 at the MFI Gym at MFI Bldg., Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City.


            Of the 564 students who passed the requirements at the MFI Technological Institute, 245 passed for the 1st year in the Industrial Program (TIP) and Information Technology (IT); 179 for 2nd year and 202 for the 3rd year.


            Coinciding with the MFI Scholars’ Day is the school’s recognition day to students who excelled during the last school year, to whom medals will be awarded.


            At 2:00 P.M. after the celebration of the holy mass the awarding of medals to honor students will follow.


             MFI students spend several months of in-plant training or hands-on training from the institute to the real workplace in accordance with the requirements of the industry to allow students to acquire accurate knowledge of what is expected of them on the job.


            In doing so, MFI students, aside from the usual knowledge and skills learned from the institute, developed adaptability in various working conditions, that helps them become more productive.


            As a result, as experienced by the institute, MFI scholars usually get employed even before they graduate.


            The courses offered include electrical, electronic and instrumentation technologies, IT (computer studies), 2-year DTS (Dual Training System).


                   The three-year scholarship grant qualifies the student for free tuition, free books, laboratory materials, uniforms, calculators and supplies.


            MFI Foundation, Inc. was established in November 6, 1973 under the name MERALCO Foundation, Inc. and was registered as a granting foundation with the National Development Board in 1975. MFI partnership with Rizal Technological College (RTC) and the sponsoring of the scholars in the said schools as MFI scholars was among the MFI acts of service. It also grants scholarship to students pursuing non-degree industrial courses at Manila Technical Institute and Don Bosco Institute.


            In 1983, MFI evolved into an operating foundation from a granting foundation. Through its various centers, specializing in specific areas of manpower development,  it reached out to a greater number of beneficiaries all over the country.


            In the same year, one of its centers, the Meralco Foundation Institute, now the MFI Technological Institute was established. MFI around the same year established projects in Jala-jala, Rizal, dedicated to develop and promote low-cost practical  and viable agriculture  and agriculture technologies.


            In 1992, MFI became completely independent from Meralco and the government. It ceased to be a holding company and became a private science foundation.


            Today MFI continues to serve through the MFI Technological Institute and the MFI Farm Business Institute. These two institution, though different in nature, are two arms the   organization is extending to build a stronger nation. Ester Gallardo, PSciJourn MegaManila


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