The 113th celebration of our Independence Day shall be commenced with the start of the National Flag Day held every May 28. According to NHI Executive Director Ludovico Badoy, RA 8491 prescribes the period of May 28 to June 12 of every year as Flag Days. During this period, all offices, agencies, and instrumentalities of government, business establishments, institutions of learnings, and private homes are enjoined to display the Philippine national flag. Republic Act No. 8491 is a reminder to every Filipino that the Philippine national flag is the singular symbol of the country defining the unity of the various towns, provinces, regions, and ethno-linguistic and sectoral groups of the nation. It advocates national unity, love of country, and nationhood.

According to historical books, the Philippine national flag was a brainchild of President Emilio Aguinaldo. Our veneration of our national flag is many times more meaningful if we know the distinctive meanings embedded in each element in it.

The colors symbolize certain values: the red field means that Filipino valor is second to none. The white field means that Filipinos are capable of governing themselves. The sky blue field signifies the loftiness of the Filipino struggle for freedom.

The equilateral triangle represents the Katipunan ideals of Liberty, Equality, and the Brotherhood of Men.

The three starts represent the three major geographical subdivisions of the Philippine archipelago, namely Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The points in each star represent all the islands that make up these major geographic subdivisions.

The eight rays of the sun represent the eight provinces declared by the colonial government to be in a state of war (an estado de Guerra) during the revolution.

Our national flag is further distinguished from all other national flags. When the red field is up and the blue field is below, it signifies that the country is at war.

Let us respect our national flag. It not only represents our national identity but is the flag that was colored by the blood of our forefathers and enshrined by their sacrifices.  (PIA – BL Penera)


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