As the whole world experiences the on-going and rapid disintegration of the global  economic and financial system, and  despite ample warnings by the LaRouche Movement….a negligent government, incompetent economic managers, and a confused population,  helplessly look on as prices of all commodities begin to spiral;

As economic policies of import-liberalization, privatization and deregulation … as well as our  transformation  to  a “service economy” relying heavily on exporting domestic helpers, rather than developing agro- industries which generate employment….. have proven to be the means to destroy our society’s ability to survive as a nation;

As the system of “floating-exchange” rates , implemented in 1971-72, provided the mechanism for the world’s rapacious creditors,  the Inter-Alpha group or financial institutions, represented by the IMF, to impose periodic and continuous devaluation of our currency, thereby automatically and onerously increasing our foreign-debt stock and immoral payments thereof;

As our country is plunged into almost total dependence on imported oil,  by mothballing what might have been a principal,  most cost-efficient, reliable and indigenous source of power—the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant;

As the prevailing conditions of life are rapidly deteriorating into historically unprecedented and intolerable levels, where desperation and hopelessness are shockingly manifested daily among the forgotten Filipinos;

As the present government repeatedly proves itself to be grossly incompetent, extremely corrupt and callously insensitive to the increasingly severe conditions our people are subjected to;

As powerful politicians, influential businessmen, and “econoquacks”  in the academe, conspire to maliciously mislead the general public thru manipulated surveys, manufactured statistics, false propaganda and miseducation;

As our people are treated to “political entertainment,” not much different from the daily tele-novelas,  by politicians who present themselves as alternative leaders, full of rhetoric, yet empty and devoid of sublime ideas… betraying a lack of wisdom  and understanding of problems….and the absence of necessary courage to do what is right by confronting the real issues to  save the lives of starving Filipinos;

As we further deteriorate into chaos and anarchy… experience government’s inability to provide basic services, in  health-care and peace and order….compounded by the  proliferation of criminal-political warlords involved in jueteng, drugs and who arrogantly roam with  impunity;

It is time to invoke our right, and perform our duty, as citizens and patriots of the Republic of the Philippines… to demand of this current leadership, that emergency measures be undertaken for the survival of our nation…to immediately avert further loss of Filipino lives due to hunger and disease… and to give assurance that the succeeding generations will prosper;

To these ends, we strongly propose the following urgent and necessary steps to be implemented immediately:

    1) To immediately implement a SCIENCE-DRIVEN, INFRASTRUCTURE-BASED MASSIVE NATIONAL FOOD-PRODUCTION PROGRAM, to double, triple or even quadruple food supply, led by government and all its agencies, private sector and civic organizations….. This should take precedence over all other government projects as its primary defense against hyperinflation.

    2) To START THE OPERATION OF THE BATAAN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT as part of an energy development plan consisting of all alternative sources of energy…. and  immediately establish a Nuclear Energy Program…  not merely to provide the cleanest, cost-efficient, reliable source of power for agro-industrial development, irrigation and water management systems, mass-transit systems,… , but also to explore its other beneficial uses…more specifically… the production of potable water from nuclear-powered desalination plants… the production of isotopes used in modern medical facilities, and the production of hydrogen as an alternative source of fuel.

     3) To DECLARE A MORATORIUM ON FOREIGN-DEBT PAYMENTS, now beyond US$10 billion per year… payment of onerous debts, booked and incurred by devaluing our Peso, and collected thru an efficient implementation of the Value Added Tax, or consumption tax… increasing electricity and water  rates; highway toll-fees; and prices of all other public utilities and commodities severely affecting the lives of the citizenry.

These are not the only solutions to our country’s most serious problems. But if we are to function as a nation, confronting the devastating impact of a global economic crisis, immediate action along these lines is imperative…The alternative is a level of starvation and death never before experienced in our history as a people.

True LEADERSHIP  is expected to serve ONLY THE INTEREST OF ITS CITIZENS, and no one else’s…. It is expected to convey ONLY THE TRUTH, and not propagate lies…  It is expected to SAVE LIVES, and not to destroy them… If this government continues to renege on its sworn responsibility, causing much suffering and pain… reaching the limits of patience and tolerance of the Filipino, then it risks being changed by the SOVEREIGN WILL OF THE PEOPLE,… even if it meant the sacrifice of their own lives.
We call on all patriots, to join us in fighting the evil which has caused this present malaise. Join us in carving out a future for our youth. Let us act in solidarity with those who uplift the dignity of human beings, as unique creatures… created in God’s image… endowed with inalienable rights to LIFE , LIBERTY and the  PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Together with true patriots of all sovereign nations, let us defeat the forces intent on destroying the human spirit to discover Truth….for without it, there can be no Justice…. no Peace…. and  no Development…. These are the principles that should form the basis of a new global renaissance, a new just economic world order… a world of peace, and prosperity for all…..-30- SAVE THE NATION MOVEMENT


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