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Solon bat for permanent freeze in LRT/MRT fare rates



In the face of an imminent implementation of new fare rates for LRT and MRT, a lot of ruckus is created.  This is why Rep. Winston “Winnie” Castelo today calls for something than mere postponement.


“Rather than a mere deferment in the implementation of new fare adjustment rates on MRT and LRT, why can’t we propose instead of a permanent freeze in order not to disrupt the equilibrium that a constant shift in pricing could cause”, Castelo strongly pointed out.


Apparently, when user’s fees on LRT or MRT are adjusted, it creates an uproar from the general public dependent on these mass transport systems.  But the QC solon has a different take on the matter.


“After all, it is within the absorptive capacity of the government to subsidize our mass transport systems, albeit run and operated by the private sector.  As one of few basic public utilities that Filipinos have to fully enjoy, a State-subsidized mass transport systems do have social and economic benefits  that far outweigh the costs government incur to keep them in operation”, Castelo said.


According to Castelo, it is interesting to note that the LRTA opted to grant 20% off to students using the facility, if and when, new fare hikes will be implemented.


“With a proposed permanent freeze, shift in fare rates allowed every two years, would no longer be necessary on the part of the franchisee like LRT or MRT.  I think that a more studied review of the return on investment can justify this policy window that we are looking at”, Castelo finally quipped. 30



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