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Woman farmer practices proper goat management



As a cooperator of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD’s) Science and Technology-based Farm (STBF), Magsasaka Siyentista (MS) Rosario P. Castillo of the Balungao Farmers Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center in Pangasinan practices proper goat management.

The MS employs complete confinement of goats, cut- and- carry system of forage feeding, and forage production in her farm in Barangay San Joaquin. Legume fodder grown in her farm includes Caliandra, Flamingia, Sesbania, Desmanthus, Rensoni, and Indigofera. She also grows pasture grasses.

Goats, considered as the “poor man’s cow”, are commonly raised in the backyard and are usually confined with a tether. However, goat raising has become an attractive business venture for rural-based, small-scale entrepreneurs because of the increasing demand for its milk and meat, its limited supply, advances in technology, and availability of good breeds.

During a technology field day held in her farm, Castillo narrated that despite the effect of typhoon Pepeng in 2009, which drowned some of her weanlings, she still managed to earn P10, 735 from the sale of 13 weaners and goat manure.

Also, during the field day, farmers from different barangays were provided with seedlings of leguminous forage. Aside from farmers, the participants also included Balungao local government officials and staff members of the Ilocos Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium and PCARRD. They had the chance to tour Castillo’s production area and compare the performance of goats raised in the STBF set-up and in the MS’s traditional farming system.

Impressed with the results of the STBF on slaughter goat production in Balungao, Mayor Philipp G. Peralta committed to support and promote goat as the town’s future “One Town, One Product”. The mayor also encouraged the goat farmers to adopt new technologies to improve their production.  (Democrito Z. Magpantay and Jayneelyn Manicad, S&T Media Service)


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