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BFP Held Eucharistic Celebration



Commemorating some important feasts in the Roman Catholic Church, the Bureau of Fire Protection National Headquarters held three consecutive Eucharistic Celebrations in the first week of the month of February.

On February 2, 2011, the bureau had a Holy Mass celebrated by its Chaplain, REV. FR. RANDY BALUSO honoring the Presentation of Jesus or Purification, or Candlemass Day. During the celebration, candles are blessed which will be used for the next day’s feast of St. Blasé. It is believed that a candle, especially if it’s lighted symbolizes divine splendor of the one who comes to expel “shadows” of evil.

The Holy Mass on February 3 was held in honor of St. Blasé, the Patron Saint of physicians and wild animals. Commemorated in St. Blasé’s feast is the traditional “Blessing of Throats”. St. Blasé was a philosopher and a physician in the 4th century who healed a little girl who was dying because of throat disease, and a young boy choking on a fish bone. He is often depicted with two candles, used by priests to bless throats.

On February 4, BFP celebrated the First Friday mass for this month. It was considered as the healing mass.

Said masses were also offered for the intentions of the officers and personnel of the BFP who joined the celebration, and to those who are in need of prayer and spiritual blessing and healing.

BFP continues to practice and support religious activities of the Catholic Church inside its organization to enrich the moral values and uphold the spiritual life of its personnel.-30- BFP


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