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FNRI holds First Nutrigenomics Conference



By Estrella Z. Gallardo



The Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Tehnology (FNRI-DOST) in partnership with the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emergency Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD-DOST) held the two-day conference at the Hyatt Hotel, Pedro Gil, Malate, Manila on January 19-20, 2011.


Nutrigenomics’ expert from the academe, research and clinical practice discussed the interrelationship of diet, disease and the application of nutrigenomics on improving health.


The conference aims to impact the role of nutrigenomics in the prevention of certain lifestyle diseases. Nutrigenomics explores how food chemicals after the expression of genes, while nutrigenomics addresses genetic differences between individual’s and the effect of food chemicals on an individual’s biologic response.


Studies on nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics aim to provide evidence-based dietary intervention strategies for restoring health and preventing diet-related disease.


Part of the conference was the distribution of 2011 Menu Guide Calendar in cooperation with Unilever to help meet the Millenium Development Goal to address the energy intake needs of Filipino family.


The result of the 7th National Survey (NNS) undertaken by FNRI-DOST showed that more than half of Filipino households did not meet the average recommendations for energy intake.


With the theme “Meeting the Energy Needs of a Family Through Consumption of Rootcrops and Corn”, it aims to promote guides on meeting the dietary energy needs of a Filipino Family.


The Calendar also features recipes that are high in energy and fiber, a 7-day cycle menus for 12 months and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.-30-



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