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What The Farmers Did



Subsistence farmers have their share of traditional farming practices that served them well when drought hit the province. Among these are using organic fertilizer from manure and compost; observing proper timing in planting crops; using crop residues as mulch in vegetable gardens to conserve water; planting drought-tolerant crops; and constructing reservoir to collect rainwater.

Water-saving technologies like rainwater harvesting using small reservoirs, drip irrigation, shallow tube wells, and other irrigation development and services are present in Bukidnon.

Small farm reservoir (SFR) is an impounding structure that harvests rain and collects runoff. SFR provides irrigation for dry season crops and supplements water for wet season cropping. It also enables farmers to raise fish and grow livestock for food and additional income.

Drip irrigation is a process of applying irrigation water into the base of the plant like a leaking bucket. Minimal soil surface is wetted through this method; thus, amount of direct evaporation and excess percolation through the root zone will be reduced. Bananas are among crops which rely on drip irrigation in the province.

Shallow tube wells and irrigation development are commonly used for rice irrigation. In 2003, DA-Region 10 provided the province with shallow tube wells and irrigation development support.


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