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It’s all about Science and Technology



One of the S&T interventions the MS adopted was proper weeding and cutting around the base of the mango trees. He also did shallow cultivation to improve soil aeration.

Moreover, he practiced sanitary pruning by cutting the undesirable branches and/or canopies to allow sunlight into the trees. This will also prevent insects and other pests from staying in the trees.

For the first time in Cabillas’ farm, soil analysis was done to determine the proper amount of fertilizer needed by the trees.

Spraying was done when the young leaves emerged and when insects were observed. He used fungicide when anthracnose attacked the flowers and fruits of his trees. Further,insects and diseases were controlled using insect pest management protocols. Proper monitoring of insect and disease occurrence and recording of all insects visible in trees were religiously done.

For flower induction, the MS followed the package of technology introduced by the project. This included the use of a power sprayer for maximum drenching of healthy, green, and matured leaves.

The traditional practice of MS Cabillas includes harvesting of fruits 110─120 days after flower induction or when the fruit pulp turns yellowish. He also used picking pole and basket to harvest fruits in the morning and afternoon. With S&T, harvesting was done in the afternoon to prevent overflowing of latex. He also recorded his harvests and sorted fruits according to size. He washed them with soap and water to remove dirt. He also followed other postharvest process protocols recommended by the project.

Aside from improving his farm practices, the MS’ adoption of S&T interventions provided him additional market linkages for possible value-adding activities such as processing of rejected and undersized fruits.

The Technology Field Day is the culminating activity of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD’s) Science and Technology Based Farm Program. It aims to showcase the successful application of S&T interventions in comparison with the farmer’s existing farm practices.

The Tangub City FITS in cooperation with the Northern Mindanao Consortium for Agriculture and Resources Research and Development led the field day. The Department of Science and Technology Region 10, a partner member agency of FITS Tangub, also supported the activity.  (R.G. Padoginog, RACG-NOMCARRD/CMU)


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